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Has a sexual urge been lingering within you for a while now? Are you ready to burst... well now you can have your fantasies bring you extreme pleasure with the ability to sexually transform your lover into a historical figure!

There are many aspiring elements to someone who has made a difference, and impacted change in the world... their aura is SEXY! Well now, not only can you pull forth the sexiness of those you find physically attractive, but also ignite ties to those who made a difference and hold sexy energy!

This piece will generate spirits of sexual wraths which will grant you amazing SEX! Back when these spirits were alive there were not all the techniques and positions that are ensued today, so they are excited to step into your lover for the ride of both their, and your life!

After orgasm is reached they will be remitted back to the spirit realm and can only come forth when called upon again ... so no worries of them taking full control of your lover -- as this will not occur~!

Get down and dirty with George Washington and give him a taste of your sweet apple -- or maybe you want Marilyn Monroe to show you what is under her white dress?! The possibilities are endless.