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As you know, Haunted Curiosities only brings you the best items on the market. This is why we frequent the most haunted places that we can find. When there is spiritual activity, there are powers and abilities to be found. Mainstreamers haven't figured this out yet; or maybe they just haven't been able to figure out how to channel the powers yet. Whatever the case is, the piece that we are offering next is the result of an investigation that took place in Tennessee.

The piece comes from a place that is known as the Bellwood Mansion. The Bellwood Mansion is located in Dover, Tennessee near the Columbia River. I'm not really sure how we came across this place, as we didn't do it on purpose. Only after the fact did I realize that we had visited the mansion. We were pretty much victims of circumstance that day; or perhaps destiny. It's always hard to tell in situations such as these.

Anyway, we were driving home from our investigation in New Orleans when we came across the place. The route we took back was a little bit out of way, but I had begged Deedee to see Memphis on the way back. To appease me, or merely to shut me up, she agreed. What actually happened is that night was setting in and Deedee was getting tired. We needed to find a place to lodge for the night. Thinking that modern-day technology is a flaw-proof, we searched on the GPS for places that we could possibly stop for the night. That was the first mistake.

As we were being guided by the GPS, things began to change. I can't really describe it other than to say that things began to feel... different. We weren't really sure where we were, other than to trust the GPS. I mean, how else were we supposed to know. After we crossed the bridge over Kentucky lake is when things went awfully wrong. The GPS took us some strange way and we ended up off of the original Highway 79 that we were supposed to taking; then again, we were looking for lodging. Well, apparently the GPS thought we wanted reclusive lodging, because the place we ended up in was nothing but wooded area and an occasional dwelling here or there.

Nevertheless, we kept on, as the GPS instructed. It did a good job, until it blurted out "GPS Signal Lost." Somewhere along ta wooded corridor, be had dropped signal. Not just GPS signal, but cell phone signal as well. It was as if we had hit a deadzone and all of our stuff just stopped working. Little did we know at this point, this is actually what happened for real.

As we drove on, we were all kind of angst about how we were going to get back to the highway. All we could see on either side was woods and fields-- not that this is different for Tennessee. We're not used to Tennessee and to us if felt like we were in one gigantic corn maze with no way out.

When night crept in and the moon began to cast silvery glow on the world around us, we reached an old run down gas station with an old sign in the window that read "Open." We stopped, thinking we could refuel. Inside, the store was dank and smelled horrible. There was one single, dingy light that lit the entire retreat-- if that's what you want to call it. Behind the counter and old man sat in overalls, a red plaid shirt, and a baseball cap from what must've been 1960. The food here must've been outdated by at least a month and I was guessing that the throwback Pepsi bottles in the cooler were the real thing.

The old man did manage to give me directions, even though he did inform me that his pumps were down. That didn't come as a surprise though. Either way, he was able to tell me where to go and how to get there. He heeded me one single word of caution-- a warning he called it-- "Stay Away from the Bellwood Mansion."

I went back out into the car, sporting a pack of stale Marlboros I had bought from the old man. Stale Tobacco calms nerves better than no tobacco at all, so I sucked it up. We continued our trip crawling up the road which wasn't in the best of repair. We drove for about five miles, when there was a fork in the road. The old man hadn't said anything about a fork. I honestly didn't know what do to, so I told Deedee to take a left.

As we crept up the desolate street, we noticed a clearing in the thick of the woods. We were excited, thinking we were going to be able to get some sort of directions. We were terribly wrong, as the clearing opened up to an abandoned house. The house was surrounded by a chainlink fence with a padlock. By the look of the house I was sure if the lock was to keep people out or keep whatever it was that lived there in. Of course by now Deedee was so excited she nearly peed herself.

Despite the No Trespassing warnings posted, we made way to the house anyway. Walking into the house was like getting slugged in the gut with a Louisville Slugger. The air hung thick and heavy and I tried to warn Deedee that this was probably the place the man at the store told me stay away from. She didn't care though, she wanted to check the place out. So like I said, there we were in the house. The air hung thick and heavy and there was an immense feeling of depression and despair in the air. We made our way through the house which, by the looks of things, had been uninhabited for some time. Broken shutters, boarded up wiNdows and fireplaces with enough soot and debris to start a small volcano. Deedee didn't care, though. This is what she lives for... and afterall, I was the one that had wanted to see Memphis so badly. We continued our search... and I mean a THOROUGH search of the house. We didn't bother getting our equipment out for this impromptu investigation, but our psychic intuitions were all we really needed for this place.

We were searching a room on the second floor of the house and Deedee was admiring some decor that had been left behind. I don't know what happened or how it happened, but she bumped something and the entire house began to shake. The wall slid back and the floor began to move. It moved us forward into a hidden room at which point the wall slid back into place. Here we were, in the middle of nowhere, in a room that we didn't even know how to get in or out of. The best thing about it was that as we glanced around the room it became increasingly obvious that this room had been used for some type of Satanic or ritualistic cult.

It wasn't until later, when I did research on the area that I realized the place we were at, the Bellwood Mansion, is actually notorious for the satanistic activity that goes on here.

We didn't have much of a chance to inspect our surroundings, before I looked over and noticed that Deedee was shaking. I began to say something to Jason, but before the words could even come out the shit hit the fan. Deedee collapsed on the floor and began writhing and shaking. Her eyes rolled back into her head. She began speaking in a tongue that I couldn't decipher, cursing, and spitting. Then, she sat straight up and looked dead into my soul with the eyes as black as midnight.

At first I froze. I had dealt with things like this before, but never in somebody that happened to be my boss. I knew that I had to use caution. At this point I knew that Deedee has been possessed by something evil. If I didn't dot my i's and cross my t's, this situation was going to turn out horribly wrong. I quickly found some materials and made a makeshift cross.

Deedee stood up and began screaming at a decibel so high that I though my ear drums were going to burst. The windows shattered out of their panes. She began to speak in a voice that sounded like thunder, telling me that I was an idiot because I was no match for a power as great as the demon that was in her. I knew this wasn't her speaking, so I quickly went to work.

I held the cross up to her and recited the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary over and over again. I prayed to God in my head. Deedee laughed, telling me that I stood no chance, that God wasn't with me. She encroached upon me and Jason tried to restrain her. With one swift movement of her arm, he went sailing to the floor. I back into a corner. I remember thinking to myself that this was it for me. My days of tampering with the paranormal had finally come to an end.

The demon inside of Deedee looked me dead in my eyes, locking me in a trance. It began speaking in a strange language a rate of speed I didn't even think was possible. I felt my soul being drained from my body and I felt dazed and confused. I thought for sure this was it. I'm not even going to lie... I've never been as scared in my life. Right when I felt like I was about to pass out, a saw a glimmering light off in the other corner of the room. At first it was simply hovering, then it began to approach Deedee's body. At this point, I wasn't even sure if what I was seeing was right.

There was an epic struggle as Deedee's body began to writhe once more. She topple to the ground. Due to lack of energy, I followed. Jason was still somewhere off in the corner on the floor. Reality began to fade and then I was out. When I woke up, I was outside of the house, not really sure how I had arrived there. Jason was there holding a piece to my forehead and all I could hear was Deedee shouting "Moonface wake up!! Moonface are you there??"

As I came too, Jason explained to me exactly what had happened. As the demon was speaking into my soul, he was attempting to possess my soul with a legion of fallen angels to carry out the work of King of Darkness. It was almost successful. The shimmering light that I saw was a white lighter angel that was sent from God to protect me. Although almost too late, late is better than never. The angel extracted the demon from Deedee's body, because my makeshift cross wasn't doing very much good. He banished the demon, and the rest of them that resided here to the pits of the Seventh Hell, which is the deepest, darkest level. The angel left in the same manner as it had arrived... in a shimmer of hope.

As the angel left our realm to return to its own, this piece was also left behind. It was the piece that helped revive my nearly lost soul. As I lay on the ground in Tennessee, I realized that I have never been so thankful for not only my life, but my eternal being as well. I had been shown grace and power straight from God that day. I was nearly lost to the clutches of evil, but I was spared! All this because I wanted to see Memphis. By this time, I was so sick of Tennessee that we just got in the car and drove. Our electronics, began working again, and soon we were back on highway 79, where we continued the rest of our journey home.

The spirit of God saved my life that day. The piece that was sent to us was a true treasure, but there is a catch. When we tested this piece, we were able to determine that since the angel that was sent to me had been in contact with so many demons, the strongest one left his mark on this piece. The result is a very powerful piece that showcases both extreme white light powers from Heaven and dark powers from the pits of Hell. This piece contains a guardian angel to offer you the saving grace of God, which is the very magic which allows his Heavenly Host to exist. If it wasn't for God, there would be nothing else. You can use this piece as protection, for enchantment and white light spell casting, divination, and holy incantations. You will receive holy visions and prophecy. You will heightened in spirituality so as to be closer to the angels and God.

On the flip side, this piece also holds very dark, mysterious powers. These powers come from the Seventh Pit of Hell, which I've told you before is the darkest, most evil. It will give the powers of spells, black magic, all the mysticism that goes along with the creatures from Hell. However, this power is scant compared to the power that is provided by God for this piece.

Taking both these into consideration, this piece is a dual magic piece. It is the direct gift of the angel that was sent to me by God at the Bellwood mansion. It inhabits a guardian angel for protection, who will watch over you always and bring you good luck and fortune. It also has the ability of dark magic as discussed above. This piece is very powerful and will do great things-- or bad for that matter-- for you. This piece is up to your choosing and discretion. Just remember when you manipulate energy, karma comes back on you tenfold!!