Monster Cats
Monster Cats

Monster Cats

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Monster Cats

Bakeneko's are known as monster cats... these spiritual creatures have supernatural abilities that can attach to humans and sometimes attack and bring distress.

They also can invoke their spirited energies to avail within a living pet, so your cat, or dog can directly be burdened with this spirit.

A bakeneko with a forked tail is referred to as a nekomata ("forked-cat"). This rare type of bakenko is a good luck totem -- known for its grand blessings.

Once a cat is transformed, whether while living, or in the afterworld, as a bakeneko they will gain a range of paranormal powers used to haunt the household they live/lived in.

These powers include:
menacing (even eating) sleeping humans
walking on its hind legs
creating ghostly fireballs
reanimating and controlling a fresh corpse by leaping over it
shape-shifting into human form
They may use their shape-shifting powers to live a life as a human would normally, sometimes by taking the place of a member of the household after killing and consuming them in their sleep. They may take the form of a person they intend to kill or harm. Other encounters depict how a bakeneko may sometimes shape-shift into a beautiful girl, so that their owner would be able to marry them and have children.

Bakeneko also have the ability to eat anything in their way, regardless of size or edibility, including humans. Their main food is poison, particularly from a certain snake unknown to humankind.

Bakeneko are also sometimes said to have the power to enter someone's dreams. There is a story about a bakeneko who entered her owner's dream to tell her to manufacture its image in clay in order to bring her wealth ... this was a lucky totem cat.

The aspect of having a menace bakeneko within your home is scary -- and can be dangerous. Many times people feel that there is evil and the idea of a monster cat is overlooked -- but could likely be the issue!

Anyway, we are not going to embark an evil cat into your home, but we have a rare bakeneko that is filled with extreme luck ~!! This piece is noted to hold Cafce' (Caf-see) and he will implore your life with a wind-stream of fortune and luck. He also will steer other "naughty/evil" cats from entering your home.

A variant peace of mind with quarrels of distinct blessing will abode with when you welcome Cafce' into your life.