Everlasting Youth
Everlasting Youth

Everlasting Youth

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Everlasting Youth

Strong and willed with an elixir of pure essence -- this piece will proclaim youth upon you! Wear this piece for the first time on the next full moon.... Go outdoors and light a candle ... this piece holds a spell that was cast with a chalice of Holy water, salt, Vervain, an old stone and a piece of petrified wood.

Pass this piece through the flame of the candle and chant:

Candle, herb, rock, water, salt,
Hear me as my song is sung,
Age is not my heart's desire,
It is youth to which I aspire,
Candle, herb, rock, water, salt.

Repeat the ritual of passing it within the flame and chant the passage seven times. As each chant is said, touch this piece in turn to first one foot, one hand, one shoulder, crown of the head, and then down the other side of the body to shoulder, hand and foot.

When the ritual is finished, take the item immediately and place it in the freezer -- leave it there for 48 hours and then when you retrieve it wear it right away. The correlated connection will relinquish the flooding of youth into your spirit~!

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