Port of Essence -- Beauty
Port of Essence -- Beauty

Port of Essence -- Beauty

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Port of Essence -- Beauty

An elevated item that will sanction your beauty, both internally and externally!

Wear this piece for 5 days, without removing it -- so yes even in the shower and to bed.

You will need a bottle of red wine to invoke the power of beautification within this piece.

On the fifth day you will want to put the contents of a bottle of wine, at least 16 oz. into a pot.

Place the pot on the stove and boil the wine. After this boils add rosemary, cinnamon and a very little mint. Mix them together. Then take a glass and place 1/2 a cup of wine in it, place your piece in it, while it is still hot and then state the following as you have both hands on the glass -- feeling the warmth run through your body.

'' Purify me, so that I can be beautiful! Because this is the wish of my heart, the love of my soul and the destiny of my body. So mote it be!''

Now take your piece out and rinse it and put it on, and then drink the glass of wine -- place the remainder of the wine in a container and put it in the fridge. You will want to drink a glass each day, before you go to bed, until it is all.

This spell will not change your body, but it will make you feel more beautiful and it will make you healthier, so you will look better~!!