Ba - Ba- Black Spirit
Ba - Ba- Black Spirit

Ba - Ba- Black Spirit

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Ba - Ba- Black Spirit

The Ba is everything that makes an individual unique, similar to the notion of 'personality'.

The 'Ba' is an aspect of a person that the Egyptians believed would live after the body died, and it is sometimes depicted as a human-headed bird flying out of the tomb to join with the 'Ka' in the afterlife.

In the Coffin Texts one form of the Ba that comes into existence after death is corporeal, eating, drinking and copulating. Louis Žabkar argued that the Ba is not part of the person but is the person himself, unlike the soul in Greek, or late Judaic, Christian or Muslim thought.

The idea of a purely immaterial existence was so foreign to Egyptian thought that when Christianity spread in Egypt they borrowed the Greek word psyche to describe the concept of soul and not the term Ba. Žabkar concludes that so particular was the concept of Ba to ancient Egyptian thought that it ought not to be translated but instead the concept be footnoted or parenthetically explained as one of the modes of existence for a person.

In another mode of existence the Ba of the deceased is depicted in the Book of Going Forth by Day returning to the mummy and participating in life outside the tomb in non-corporeal form, echoing the solar theology of Ra and then uniting with Osiris each night.

The word ba, means something similar to 'impressiveness', 'power', and 'reputation', particularly of a deity. When a deity intervened in human affairs, it was said that the 'Ba' of the deity were at work.

So what does all of this mean to you? Well this magnum feat of impressing the Gods and depicting a reputation sought the Ba of Egyptians to live on in Imperial perils of the Universal Spectrum. These generatives of personality often are depicted and cast into dark magic spells -- granting extreme energies and powers.

We are excited to be able to offer to you the first, known, item that holds a white light Ba within it! This was ritualized by Liliana and holds a very strong personality that was a known Pharaoh and holds extreme majestic powers that will bless and install divine strength within you! This is an incredible piece that will blow your mind once you connect with Pharaoh Noldale!