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To everyone reading this listing. We have a bunch of products like this one. This is an item that may have seen on the website before. For whatever reason this piece has either gone out for more testing, has been loaned out, or was sent for further research. All of these items work superbly. Even if you've seen the listing before, be careful to re-read the listing. Many of the items will have an update found at the beginning of the listing. Some of the items are more powerful than we thought they were and some of them have even more powers/abilities than we realized!


UPDATE:  We have determined that this piece allows the person who uses it to resurrect the goddess of magic, Isis, in her human form.  In doing so, you will awaken the ability to manifest and use her ancient magic from the times before the Earth was formed.  This magic is arcaic and has come from the various corners of the universe and not just the universe, but throughout creation.  This piece will allow you to summon the magic of Isis, as well as her spiritual presence.  If there is a magic that she cannot grant to you, which is HIGHLY unlikely, you can use the energies of her divine presence and together the both of you will be able to creat a new form!  


Shedding Light on Egyptian Magic

There are many monuments devoted to the dead. Think about it, in modern America we use tombstones or crosses or some type of iconic marker to mark the place where the dead are laid to rest. There is even the tomb of the unknown soldier in Washington, D.C. devoted all those soldiers who gave their lives for war and never received proper burial. The most famous of such honors to the dead are the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt. Egyptian religion drew a direct correlation between the ongoing spirit and a physical receptacle for these spirits; hence the practices of mummification and portraiture flourished.

Some people believe that the ancient Egyptians were a death cult simply because they were able to brilliantly plan elaborate tombs, the mummification, and other types of post-mortem venues for the dead. Simply put, the Egyptians could not have been further from a death cult than any of the other ancient civilizations. The Egyptians did believe that the “world is a vale of tears” and that to die and be with God would be much better than to exist here on Earth. With that being said, they did have a very strong sense of pride in everything they did, right down to the food they ate on a daily basis. This isn’t to say they didn’t suffer their own hardships; and they knew the afterlife would be a place of solace. They just wanted to continue on with the good parts of their lives in the afterlife. This is why they built the receptacles such as the pyramids and mummified their dead—so that way their spirits could live on in the immortal realms with the gods and be able to enjoy their best life experiences.

With this being said the Egyptians became quite the experts in the afterlife, picking up different veneration practices for the dead. These practices all involved actions or prayers that invoke the powers of the gods from above. The two biggest influences over the veneration of the dead are the Papyrus of Ani and the Pyramid Texts. Both books give specific instructions on how to contact the afterlife for the purposes which you will have them serve. In fact, historians have found these and numerous accounts from annals of the past that suggest that the Egyptians were in constant contact with the spirits from the afterlife on a normal basis.

The Papyrus of Ani, also known as the Book of the Dead, was called the “Book of Coming Forth into the Light.” This book holds many secrets, some of which go unknown until this day. Contrary to the terminology this book actual was not a book that anything to do with dying. Rather, it was more like a handbook for entering into the afterlife and thinking of this life as not ending, rather a new one beginning in a realm of immortality that is the afterlife. This books holds many spells and magical charms for and from the deceased. It holds a source of power that was given to the Egyptians from the other side of existence, the afterlife.

Similarly, The Pyramid Texts were derived for the purpose of Venerating the Souls of the dead, to ensure their well-being in the afterlife. The spells and charms are to be said to assure the safety of the departed in the realms in which they reside. This book also holds magic and spells that will invoke the spirits of dead to return the blessings and charms they have received.

I have a friend who is an archaeologist that works in Egypt. He is actually the father of somebody I used to date when I was younger. He sends me gifts from time to time. He sent me this item about two years ago and I have been working with it ever since. This piece was found in a secret chamber in a tomb that was actually separate from the Great Pyramids. They were smaller pyramids on the outlying areas of the old Egyptian Necropolis. He discovered this small chamber with a team of archaeological professionals. They came across the chamber by accident while exploring the smaller tomb. Little did he know when he sent me the piece what it actually was.

The piece that you see here is a key to a better understanding. It will heighten your existence, because it comes from an actual Vale of Tears that was shed by the gods for the human race. It holds all the powers of the gods and will give you full comprehension of the afore mentioned texts and any other sacred texts, because you will be enlightened with a holy power. You will be given the ability to call upon the spirits of those in the afterlife. You will be able to obtain their powers or ask their presence for whatever reason you have in mind.

This piece will give you the telepathic ability to be able to communicate with the dead and the spirits around you. You will become an authentic spirit medium—not as we know them today. Rather, you will have the powers of the ancient necromancers who have been able to gain magic and many powers. It holds the spirit of an omnipotent Egyptian High Priest, who will help you to decipher and will guide you through your new found powers. we have tested this piece and we have used it through several seances. Using this piece we have been able to pull through some very well-known spirits. We have also pulled through spirits that weren't as known, but were very powerful. This is a gateway piece that not only gives you magic but yields the power to obtain more.