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Department Zero and the Mystery of Egypt -- there are only 2 of these left from the original collection, Ring 5, and Ring 2 (see listing 090412022)

Listen, I apologize in advance, but I cannot provide a whole lot of great detail in this story, other than about the items that I am offering.  Deedee signed a blood contract saying that she wouldn't expose more than the necessary information.

I'm going to say that the time frame was within the last several years.  How long have we been working with these pieces?  The last several years.  You know that Deedee has connections all over the world.  It comes as no surprise, then, that shes also has connections within Department Zero, the top secret intelligence agency, central to the government of Romania.  This connection, whom we will refer to as "the agent" contacted Deedee some time ago with the opportunity of a life time.  It's time for some background

It's no secret that a Romanian Sphinx was found in the Bucegi mountains.  It's real.  You can research it.  What most people do not know, however is that way below the Romanian Sphinx there is a secret chamber.  It is 50,000 years old that holds advanced technology.  Yes, keep up... the technology is 50,000 years old, but it is far more advanced than anything you've ever experience.

There are three tunnels leading from the chamber, that serves as a hub for transportation between the Romanian Sphinx and three other destination.  One tunnel goes to Middle Earth.  One goes to Tibet.  One goes to the plateau of Giza, near where the Great Pyramids of Khufu were built.  Beneath the plateau is a different type of chamber all together.  It is very futuristic and the technology that is there appears more futuristic than artifacts found at any of the other locations.

Department Zero funded what was supposed to be a top-secret investigation into the network of chambers and passageways, which was appropriately also dubbed, "Department Zero."  The investigation was a collaboration between Department Zero officials, a American official from the Pentagon who sported a top-secret computer that both he and the base station of the Pentagon were holographically wired to, and a Tibetan guide.

Fast forward years laterr and the same Department Zero was after Deedee.  You see, they have replicated the technology, but haven't been able to fully crack the case as to where the technology comes from.  Deedee, with her psychic intuition took one "look" at the place and new immediately that the technology comes from a race of extremely technologically advanced race of extraterrestrials that visited Earth tens of thousands of years ago.  Although we can't reveal who they are or from where they came from, Deedee was rewarded for her information with a collection of piecs that come from the network of passageways and chambers.  I'm not going to tell you how many we have, either.  We have a bunch though.

Now comes the fun part-- the technology!!  These pieces are a collaboration of ancient, yet very futuristic powers from the chambers underneath the Giza Plateau, the Romanian Sphinx, and the chamber in Tibet.  These are the only details we can list.  If you want more, one of these items will do the trick for you.  Below, I've included descriptions of each item and what they can do for you.  Pay attention!!

Ring 5-- We received these Tibetan pieces.  They are wealth pieces from the future.  They exist both in our time and future times and will bring you the wealth of the future, whatever that may be.  Listen, times change all the time.  Perhaps the definition of wealth might change into some type of mind particle in the future. Rich people could have more of this mind particle than others.  Whatever the case, this piece is fully transitional and will bring you wealth now and store it up for you in your future existence.