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Predetermined Advancements

According to Indian philosophy, there is always a struggle going on between free will and predestination. The role of Predestination is to induce a thought in a particular direction. Whether to act upon the thought or not is the field of Free Will. A thought to commit a murder or a crime is according to the principal of Predestination, but to act according to the thought or not is the operation of free will.

This elephant piece shows what is likely to happen in the future, but we can avoid the danger by exercising our free will. The lines on the hand also indicate the opportunities and also the losses and scandals we have to go through. We can take advantage of the opportunities and avoid losses by talking care, well in time.

The elephant piece holds a gem in its nose that contributes to the power of the predetermined notions and abilities that are within it. You will now be able to take the "predetermined" facets of your life and change them to advance yourself the way you see fit.

No longer will you need to live in the limelight of what is "supposed" to be,  as you will be able to control your own destiny with this piece that will knock out negative elements that are planned out to become apparent on your life path~