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This piece has been given to us by Adita, who was called to an investigation in Lod, a city that is about 10 miles outside of the Tel Aviv, the financial center of Israel.  She was called in by the owners of hotel complex who complained of a haunting by a maiden who appeared cloaked in white.  The apparition's presence was well known, and regardless of its otherwise innocent appearance, it scared people away from the hotel.  The owners were frantic and had got in touch with Adita via a person that Adita had once worked with in Jerusalem. 

I won't bore you with any minor details of the investigation, because they aren't really that important.  Adita set up for investigation with one other person.  She wasn't too worried about the equipment, because she mostly relies on her psychic powers anyhow; but it was a courtesy for those without her abilities.  On the very first night Adita felt the presence of the lady in white.  She followed her feeling to a stream outside of the hotel, through a small grassy lot and a few trees.  Here is where she encountered the white lady, who immediately vanished upon Adita's discovery. 

The second night Adita was ready to rock 'n roll.  She remember the place that she had seen the white lady previously.  She set up a seance there and she was able to summon the spirit of the white lady.  Now, let me tell you a story so that way you can make sense of this whole thing. 

In ancient times of Lod (it was called Lydda back then), there was a dragon who decides that it will make its nest at the spring that provides water for the city of Silene, another name for Lydda in the Holy Land.  The people of Silene need to dislodge the dragon from its nest and attempt to lore the dragon from its nest with a sheep.  When that doesn't work, the people of the village decided that a maiden must be sacrificed to lore the dragon out.  This happens to be the princess and despite pleas from the king to spare his daughters life, she is sent. 

As the princess is attempting to accept her fate by enticing the dragon with her appetizing self.  Along comes Saint George in his travels.  Noticing what the maiden was about to do for the sake of her people, he rescues her by slaying the dragon!  Chivalry at its greatest!!  The people then turn from their pagan ways and Saint George teaches the village how to venerate God!  The truth is that Saint George actually defeated Satan on two fronts that day.  First, he defeated Satan in his ugliest form-- the beastly dragon.  Second, he defeated Satan by turning an entire village to the ways of the Lord.  He is now venerated as Saint of Divine Protection!!

The white lady that was haunting the hotel is Saint Michael's Maiden!  It is the spirit form of the Maiden that he saved.  Obviously, she has died of natural causes and exists in pure spirit form now.  During the seance, she provided Adita with this piece.  Since this day, the owners of the hotel have had no "problems" with sightings of the white lady.  However, I can't imagine any "problems" that would've arisen... but, hey, now we can offer you guys this item!! 

This necklace depicts Saint George's Maiden.  She passes on the same mercy and divine protection that was showed to her by Saint George on the day she almost succumbed to the dragon.  This piece will help you fight the many "dragons" that may plague your daily life.  Basically, this piece helps rid your life of all negative and all evil entities and beings.  She will cleanse you spiritually and then sit with your soul like a guard dog, keeping your path free of evil and darkness.  She protects from all forms of darkness including spirits, demons, spells, hexes, etc.  In fact, she will send all curses, hexes, spells, etc. that have been sent to you back upon the originator ten fold!!  She is one heck of a protection spirit!!