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Awaken Your Angelic Eye~

*Sterling and 14kt gold

Of course, most people listen to their intuition only very rarely ... and then after the fact they say: … I knew it! I ‘guessed’ that was going to happen! That is something sad, isn't it?

Whether you call it your “Inner Master”, “Inner Guide”, “Superior Self” or even “Sixth sense”, you intuition is actually your most valuable ally. Even when silent it is in constant communication with you through your intuition (in fact it’s a lesson ‘from inside’), through dreams, signs and feelings.

So over the course of the day you receive a large amount of information, specifically information that concerns you directly, that can have a vital impact on the course your life takes. All you need to do is be attentive, so that you pick up on this information and make the most of it.

Intuition may also be channeled through an idea, a thought, a sudden desire, a visual or auditory image, which may be fleeting or recurring, and which sometimes may seem to have no direct link to your problems.

It may also take the form of a phrase you read or hear 'by chance’. It sometimes happens that a friend or perhaps someone you have never even met gives you exactly the answer you are looking for, or the solution to a personal problem, without knowing it. As you get more used to picking up on your intuition, you can even receive clear answers to a question, perhaps even before it has been asked.

This ring opens your third eye and allows your center chakras to connect to bring understanding to why things happen in your everyday life! This unites the trust of your inner thoughts and grants new sight to your intuitive strengths!

Everyone crosses our path for a reason, whether it is for a day, a week, or someone who becomes a lifelong friend. Just like the reasons people cross our path, things happen for a reason. Sometimes we do not see things that are happening right in front of us; we get tricked, or become unjustly naive.

This ring is a charged item that awakens the lobes of your brain to intensify your awareness of what is going on around you. This piece holds the spirit of an Angel named Christiana; she is is the Angel of Vision.

You will want to pray to Christiana and bond with her, asking her for her assistance. She will be more than willing to bless you with alertness and focus to enrich your life.

When tested we used this prayer: "Chrisitana, Angel of Vision, I have been putting my own vision on the back burner and not pursuing it as I know that I should. I ask that you enter my subconscious and create an awareness in me that reflects in my conscious behavior. Right now I need some guidance as to what to do next. Since you do work for God, whisper to me the right path to take and I'll follow it. Let me understand my daily occurrences and how each day compiles to create success or failure. Amen."

We had 5 testers use this over a period of 7 months and they all saw new insight on life and were given, what they felt was, a second chance to gain success and follow their passions. Two of the adorners learned that they had talents that they were previously unaware of, they became more in-tune with their bodies and realized new potential.

This is a great piece for staying true to the person God created you to be, by learning, understanding and 'seeing' what lies in your path today to create a better tomorrow~