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Lucky You -- Friday the 13th

Watch your calendars closely for this date because it can pop up during any month, and occasionally several times a year. Friday universally is considered the unluckiest day of the week, and the number 13 is historically known as the a very unlucky number.

When this date falls on the unlucky day of the week, they produce the unluckiest day of all.

Believe what you may about luck granting forces upon us, but our calendar system is on a 400-year cycle, repeating exactly every four centuries.

When a statistician added up all the different possible combinations of days of the week and dates of the month in a calendar cycle, the most common combination was Friday the 13th!!

This date is superstitious and unlucky for some, but for occultists it is a time of complete power revival!

Friday, the 13th of October, 1307 - was the date on which the Templar Order was routed in France, its members arrested and later executed. According to many researchers, that is what led to this date conjunction to be considered unlucky (or horrible.)

For nearly two hundred years before that, The Templar Order was the most prominent force in Europe, whose wealth and power easily rivaled and even surpassed that of the Vatican itself. But after having been rounded up in France on that day, the Order basically ceased to exist in its original form.

Still others claim that Friday the 13th became unlucky because of Jesus’ Last Supper, in which 13 people participated (Christ + 12 disciples.) This is also said to have occurred on a Friday the 13th in April, and was the Jewish Passover Eve. Significantly, the 13th of October is exactly half a year away from the 13th of April.

So what can it all mean? Well, "alchemically speaking", this is definitely way too many coincidences to be just another simple day which will pass without notice!

The abilities that come forth on each Friday the 13th are crowned as uncensored gnostic empowerments; these are intense powers that are sought after by dark occultists. This is why we believe that it is seen as an extremely unlucky day because with the energies all as-cue in the Universe, people are feeling awkward and having bad things occur in their lives.

To hoan in on this energy you need a piece that will connect and make you a co-contributor to the force.

The piece you see below is exactly that --- a kinetic charged force that reacts when the rational energy collides. This collision only occurs when the 13th day of a month falls on a Friday!

This item is your advancement token to the rage in the energies of power that are developed on these days.

To some this day is unlucky, but for those who understand the complete extremity of available power --- it is nothing but a day of amazing luck!!