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Resurrection Mary’s Bridge of Souls

Mary was mad at her boyfriend that night—so mad that she couldn’t even stand another second in the same room as him. She stormed out of her party at the Oh Henry Ballroom, fully intending to walk home, even the bitter coldness of the winter air. She never made. Tragically, she was run over and killed by a hit-and-run driver. When her parents discovered her, they were in shock at the sight of their daughter’s body. They buried her immediately, as she was in Chicago’s Resurrection Cemetery. This is how she gained her infamous nicknames, “Resurrection Mary,” and, “Bloody Mary Smith.”

Since the 1930’s over three dozen substantiated reports have been made by people who have claimed to encounter the wandering soul of Resurrection Mary. Some say she vanished into thin air while inside of their car. Some say that they drop Mary off at Resurrection Cemetery and then she vaporizes into thin air. Only one thing is certain; this is your classic disappearing hitchhiker type haunting. Resurrection Mary has become renowned for her presence at Resurrection Cemetery.

I couldn’t sleep one night and was awake, browsing the internet as usual when I came across the story of Mary Smith. It caught my interest, because I was interested in knowing what it was that was keeping this poor soul from crossing over. I mean, I know the story is tragic and a lot of times abrupt death confuses souls and causes them to wander. With that being said, for some reason I took an interest in this case. I planned a trip to Chicago, and when the time came I was off for some serious investigating.

Now, when I got to Chicago, I knew exactly what was going to have to happen. Being that these hauntings, like I mentioned before, is the hitchhiker type, I had to take a drive. Not just any drive. The most common area and points of interest for the hauntings of Resurrection Mary were along Archer Avenue, the place where Mary was killed and the street on which Oh Henry was located. The very first night I drove the length of Archer Avenue twice. I got nothing.

The second night wasn’t much better than the first. I drove the entire length of Archer Avenue until my gas tank almost went empty. I was beginning to think that this whole Resurrection Mary must be a case of mass hysteria or self-fulfilled prophecy; either that or my luck had just run out. I wasn’t too sure. Either way, I had already booked a room and three times is a charm, so I decided that the following night I would try again.

The following night that I went out just happened to be a Friday. Conditions for chasing those beings that lurk in the paranormal shadows were perfect. The night was clear and crisp, not as much as a breath of a breeze to stir the air. The moon cast its silvery glow on everything and was clearly in a waxing stage. The atmosphere radiated with a peculiar energy that was unmistakable. I knew tonight was going to be my night.

I drove up and down Archer Avenue with no luck… again. Then, right when I was about to call it quits, my radio turned on. The dial began to turn… yes, I drive an older car and my car does have a dial. At first I was a little bit confused. The dial turned and tuned into station after station, until it found a blank channel. The volume began to climb, getting louder and louder. White noise filled the inside of my car, until I could make out a meek voice telling me to pull over; So, I pulled over.

I glanced up to pull over and had to slam on my breaks, because right there in my windshield, staring directly at me was plain looking girl. She wasn’t ugly, but she wasn’t especially gorgeous either. She walked around the side of my car in stride, stopped at the door and she began to fade in and out of sight. She reappeared on the inside of my car. The girl was pale with light blonde hair and even lighter blue eyes. She was clad for a party, sporting an ivory party dress, dancing shoes, and a tiny matching clutch. I knew I had found who I was looking for. She knew that I had wanted to find her and communicating with me via EVP.

She looked at me and this time when the radio broadcasted, it was clear as crystal. She spoke softly and gently and informed me that she had seen me looking for her. She had seen me the night before and the night before that. Then she informed me to keep driving. I watched the road intently we talked and I told her why I had come… to solve the mystery of Resurrection Mary. She told me her story, which pretty much followed the script of the rumors that have been circulated. Minor change is that she didn’t die on impact; she actually attempted to crawl back to the Oh Henry, to let her boyfriend know she loved him and didn’t hold any of this against him. She never made it. At this she beckoned me to hurry and finish if I had anything else to say.

At this, I looked up to notice the cemetery. I looked over at her, and she began to shimmer again. She gave me a faint smile and was gone. In the seat, where she used to exist is the piece that you see below. I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get more time with her, but at the same time I was excited at the prospect of the gift that she left me. As soon I was back at headquarters , I began working on the piece that Mary had left in my car.

I’ve had this piece for a while, and tireless investigations and testing on the piece I have finally been able to crack the code behind Resurrection Mary’s mystery. Well, actually, it isn’t too much of a mystery, but the power that she has given me is quite the gift. As you already know, Mary was killed abruptly, and further I was able to find out during my encounter with her that she has unfinished business on Earth. Well, she did when she died. She refuses to crossover, because she stuck in the Limbo of it not being “her time” to go.

The piece that she gave me was her ability to pass over the Bridge of Souls, which is the passageway portal that allows souls to crossover to the realm of the immortal, more specifically the afterlife. The Bridge of Souls is our galaxy’s Milky Way. It is a path of highly potent spiritual energy and magic that allows souls to crossover into the next existence, whatever that may be for them. Having given up on her passing and remaining in her Limbo, Mary has afforded us her powers. She has transferred her energy into the piece that you see below. This piece will allow you to enter the Bridge of Souls via an Out of Body Experience (or OBE).

It is impossible to even perceive the Bridge of Souls for what it really is in our physical form, this is why you must enter it via an OBE. This will allow you the spirituality to visit the Bridge. Once you have the OBE part down, the piece that is below will allow you venture in your new state to the Bridge of Souls. While at the Bridge of Souls, you core being will be filled with the light and spiritual energy that is constantly flowing through our universe.

The result is a direct transformation into a super being once you are back in your physical body. You will have all the ability, energies and powers of the spiritual realm, in your physical existence. You will be able to use the same magic that they have that allows such phenomena as Electronic Voice Phenomena (see EVP above), spiritual possession, and channeling. You will gain acute psychic ability which will give you all of the psychic abilities that are humanly known and possible, plus more because your inner existence will forever be attached to the spiritual realm via the Bridge of Souls.

This piece is amazing. I have tested it again and again myself. It will not disappoint, as I can attest to the potency and efficiency of this piece. You will be spiritually guided in use with this piece, margin of error is virtually zero. You will receive the piece that you see below.