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Decades of Majestic Witchery~ 1800's Sterling Silver Witch Purse (Will be filled with items that you desire that hold white light enchanting powers)

A depiction of the divine lessons, this purse is outstandingly unique, powerfully energized and ONE OF A KIND!

The top of this bag is pure sterling silver and holds the emblem of a gryphon on the very top part. The gryphon commonly appears in heraldry, where it represents strength and vigilance. It is the emblem of the hero. This was partially due to the gryphons duel nature. As Sir Thomas Browne said [The Gryphon] is an Emblem of valour and magnanmity, as being compounded of the Eagle and the Lion, the noblest Animals in their kinds...' This duality was why the gryphon was used to represent the dual nature of Christ, who is both human and divine.

As you go down from the Gryphon, you will come to a set of keys that are crossed; these keys represent St. Peter's keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Theses were given to St. Peter by Christ.....“I [Jesus] will give unto thee [Peter] the keys of the kingdom of heaven. . .” (Matthew 16:19).

That is, holding the keys meant magic power. Whatever the key-holder commanded would come to be. This primitive idea underlay the powers of priests, bishops, popes, and the whole church organization. Without the mystic keys, ecclesiastics’ blessings, cursings, baptisms, exorcisms, excommunications, prayers or invocations were without efficacy.

From the keys you follow down to the top of the purse that boasts an immense amount of sterling with the emblems of Medusa and dragons adorning either side of her.

Medusa symbolizes arrogance and the aspect of being owed something. She was one of the three sisters known as the Gorgons. The other two sisters were Sthenno and Euryale. Medusa was the only mortal out of the three. She was once very beautiful and lived far in the north were the sun didn't visit. Being very curious, she wanted to see the sun, and asked the Goddess Athena for permission to visit the south. Athena refused to allow her to visit. Then Medusa got angry and dared to say that Athena hadn't given her permission because she was jealous of her beauty; that was it! Athena was angered and punished her by turning her hair into snakes and cursing her by making her so ugly that whoever looks at her eyes would turn into stone.

The dragons looking at her showcase wealth and prosperity; the tails of the two dragons represent ouroboros, the dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite.

This was a purse of a witch from the 1800's who developed the piece to grant her spell bound powers of occult and divine powers. The endowments of the emblems fortify the encryption that the bag holds.

She wanted to hold goodness and powers of virtue, showcasing her distinction of the gryphon to be looked upon as a hero. The keys unlock the gates of Heaven and she wanted the divine light to shine upon her and guide her and bless her. Medusa showcased that arrogance and greed can change your life in a second and she wanted to acknowledge her understanding of desire over want; and the dragons were instilled to empower her spell to bring forth wealth and take away the blinders that contrast the opposites of deceit and lies that she dealt with all the time. The witch had to hide due to her abilities for fear of being killed and once her spell embraced this incredible silver piece she was able to walk among others without fear of being noticed.

The powers enriched the purse to bring her serenity and clearance to live. The piece was a part of an occult museum for years and was sold off at an auction where Deedee got the purse.

It has been worked with and holds the strength of the witch’s vindications that she proclaimed when she cast the spell. By owning and using this piece you will gain iron will power, psychometry strength, pre-sense visions, spirit mediumship ability and human potential, which releases the inner gifts buried within you.

These occult abilities were all aspects used to make her spell ignite and so they remain with the piece. You also will get the intuition of each emblem; noting a heroic positive energy in your soul, the ability to connect with St. Peter, the power to foresee what your words and actions will do or cause (before you do it)... this allowing you to not adhere a curse like Medusa, and you will witness truth and prosperity from the dragons forces in your life to emit the ability to alleviate any pent up stress or regression that you will collect in the future~!

The fabric of the bag can be re-woven if you desire, the power is in the sterling aspect of the purse.... you also will be given pieces to fill the bag that will assist you in working with the distinguished powers of the superlative item.