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There is a road near East Brunswick and South River that is half paved and half dirt. There is one part of it that has a bridge, and if you stop right before you get on the bridge, your headlights will shine upon the words "KILL YOURSELF," which is spray painted on the bridge.

A boy killed himself on that bridge and just before doing the deed, he spray painted that there for all passers to see.

There are also notes of weird KKK stuff going on on that road~!

It is a very dark road and only near the end are there any houses, which there are only 2 or 3. When we went to investgate one night, we saw some strange light heading towards us that quickly diappeared into the trees. At first we thought it was a car turning either down the road or the road it connects with, but we then realized that the end of it was a one way and if the car turned down the road we were on, it would have had to keep coming towards us since there weren't any places to turn where it was.

We then felt that the light was showcased to keep us on the bridge longer, as all of a sudden the surge hit Deedee and she was filled with the flow of the boys spirt.

The boys name is Jack and he killed himself due to bullying and intervals of stress and emotions that were unable to be resolved.

He was battling with his sexuality and had was unable to cope with the ignorance of kids at school and views of some of his family members.

Deedee then said "he is telling me to clench my right hand", so she did. Then he told her to "open your hand". In it was this pendant. It holds 2 photos of him... they were the most recent photos that were taken prior to his death -- it was made and left as a memorial piece for him.

He infused his spirit within it and asked Deedee to get it to someone in need.

If you are struggling with inner demons, have issues with people putting you down -- do not know how to progress and advance with you dreams and desires, then this piece is for you.

After years of diverging his decision, Jack is empowered in his spirit to help others implore the radiance of life and the importance of individuality!

You were made to be you, and have your thoughts and processes of intuition -- do not let others affect your daily life -- utilize this powerful piece invoked with Jack's spirit to learn from his mistake and be able to get the most from your life and rid yourself of the ambiguous negativity of others~!