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There is an area known as Runyon Water Works in New Jersey where there is a few houses where the lights are ALWAYS on, clothes are ALWAYS hanging out on the line and cars are ALWAYS parked in the driveway, but there is NEVER anyone in sight~!

We were called to investigate this area, and at first thought it would be a waste of time, as we figured we would knock on the door and find the owners, but after much coaxing we decided to go, and are we ever glad that we did!

This area is mystical and sanctioned in time with the reveal of magical fairies. The homes on the street are portals that have remained open for decades. The homes have the taxes paid in full for 150 years and so were never questioned. All other bills are paid up also. Here we learned that Belinda visits and takes human form to maintain the properties financial obligations, but the forces of the fairies allows money to be no issue.

They are rich with the imperial magic that they are born with and the luxuries of their talents brings forth items that sell for grand money which keeps them endowed with amazing things!

These homes are often pardon to grand parties, but the fairies come through the portal and remain within the homes, so no humans see them.

We accessed one of the homes and retrieved this enchanted bracelet -- this is a token piece that bids the adorner the revealed connection astrally to the portals that are within the homes!

This connection has Darla take you into the fairy realm and once there you will acquire abilities that will attribute to success in monetary blessings once back in our physcial world~! So this works almost like a business leader granting you the keys to success --- this is an incredible piece that will bring you improvement in your financial goals of prosperity and succession!