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This piece was found in a house which is no stranger to people who love horror movies. it comes from the house on which the film The Amityville Horror is based.

The house is a six-bedroom Dutch Colonial style house that was built in 1924.

The best known feature of the house was, at one time, its pair of quarter circle shaped windows on the third floor attic level, which gave it an eerie, eye-like appearance. These windows have since been removed and the house renumbered to keep tourists away.

On November 13, 1974, 23-year old Ronald DeFeo, Jr. fatally shot six members of his family at the house. During his murder trial in 1975, he claimed that voices in his head had urged him to carry out the killings. He was found guilty and is still in jail in New York.

In December 1975, George Lutz and his wife, Kathy, purchased the house and moved in with their three children. After 28 days they left the house, claiming to have been tormented by paranormal phenomena while living there. The family experienced foul smells, faces at the windows, screams, moving objects, and all manner of bizarre phenomena.

Many investigations have been showcased at this house -- and 10 years ago Deedee got to go in! This bracelet was found in the attic and houses amazing energies! It holds 7 spirits and managed sparks of knowledge and information.

Deedee has been working with this piece and controlling the solutions to the information since she got it. She has kept it as part of her personal collection, but recently decided that someone else could better utilize the powers.

The 7 spirits are noted to be the 6 members of the DeFeo family, and the 7th was the unborn child of his sister. They are coming forth to acknowledge secrets of power and occult indications that they learned. Ronald did not want to hear their stories and did not believe in magic and killed them to keep their new knowledge from coming out.

The magnificent properties that have been kept hidden and now able to be rejuvinated upon your spirit will fathom and blow your mind!

Assets of unknown powers and utarian abilities will engage upon you and you will become the creation advisor of the congressional occult elite energies that will be showcased to you from this relic piece of family tree knowledge!

Defy what was killed off years ago and became a famous movie, as the energies are that favorable and imperial~!

Deedee has so much on her plate already, that she is not able to be the sole advisor they want to evolve their findings with -- she has tried to slowly learn and engage, but they know her mind is all over the place in enrichments of the paranormal -- so that is why she is relieving it to you.

This truly is a remarkable item that will bring a shocking new twist to the mysteries and truths of occult magic ~ are you willing to be the bearer of the pure truths and knowledge?