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True fairy dust is hard to come by, and this is just that... essential fairy dust from Priscilla. Priscilla is a Rainbow fairy who granted us this blissful vessel ~!

Wherever there is a rainbow, rainbow fairies are likely to be near. And they may not look as you’d expect. They may be hidden too or almost unrecognizable as fae, for they shift and re-shape their forms fluidly.

It is not that fairies make all rainbows, of course. Nature takes care of that. But since we are nature spirits, we’re part of the nature that does often have a hand in it. And rainbows can be found in very unusual places, sometimes almost hidden. Wherever they are, these fairies are attracted to them.

Rainbow fairies are made of the same substance as the rainbow (Do you know what that is?). They, themselves, are quite capable of making a rainbow (since their forms are part prism), whenever they like, and wherever the right “ingredients” are present. As with all prisms, when light passes through it (including through their own bodies), a rainbow appears.

Most rainbow fae are of the air element and do spend much time in the upper realms, where they can catch beams of sun. And I do mean catch. Groups of fairies may go in formation, poised high in the clouds after a rain, and burst forth into an impressive rainbow, sometimes two. Or they may create something more circular when cold conditions are just right and diamond dust (to you they may appear as ice crystals) is a-plenty. You call these rainbows “sundogs.”  So they do work along with water fairies, plus ice and snow fairies as well. 

Rainbow fairies can do the most astounding things with the rainbows as well; which is to them, as I said, a substance. You may be rather amazed. As with all things airy, their forms move and change quickly by the moment. So if you want to learn how to see fairies of the rainbow, you must have a trained eye and know what to look for. Fairies may clothe themselves in rainbow garments or use dew droplet prisms in their hair. Which itself may be tresses streaked with rainbow colors. (I have seen mortals try to copy this with hair color, for costumes and such. It can look quite clever).

Rainbow fairies, of course, know how to coax a rainbow right out of any crystal or diamond. Not just dew. You may know that a dew drop is sometimes replaced with a fairy crystal, and is quite marvelous to behold, should you find one. The rainbow within it can be a bit blinding. So look closely at the ground after a rain, and you may see small rainbows nestled in the dew, near trees, or upon a spider web.

You can have the rainbow in your home too. Just hang a prism in your window, or stand one upon a window sill. A piece of cut crystal works best if you don’t happen to have a large diamond. Speaking of diamonds – it’s one of the best ways to wear a rainbow on yourself. The rainbow formed from a diamond is particularly pure in color. So the energy hidden in it is very strong. Fairies will find the sparkle and color very fascinating. The colors of the rainbow you see, as with all color, have an energy and a vibration. And that is what the rainbow fae are made of. So from diamonds to dew, these are a few hints for you about how you can attract (and perhaps see) the rainbow fairies. 

** With this dust you will call forth rainbow fae, which will enlighten and enrich your life. Rainbows bring luck and heightened levels of absorption power -- so you will gain energies by using the fairy dust and simply just have a better day when you use this. The rainbow will not also be a big one in the sky, it could be a variant prism that will surface across the table, but the enstillment of the power within will still arise.