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What goes around, comes around... I am telling you baby, it is called KARMA. What goes up, comes down, and hits the ground... you are gonna find out all about, ALL ABOUT... KARMA.

Every decision that is made and every move that is taken changes the course and path that each of us is on. Every time we step off track and change our way we are disrupting the unity that was placed before us.

Sometimes we have no choice but to trudge along, but other times things are presented to us and we choose based off what is best for us, and maybe not what is best for the whole~!

Many of us can think of someone who has done things that have upset our standings in life and has hindered our successes!

It is a dog eat dog world and people will push you down to get ahead... now with this piece you can utilize the wrath of Gloria to impose Karmic payback upon those who have hindered your success!

Gloria was in line to be the Queen and her sister was SO jealous that she ended up killing her the day that their mother was found dead. She tried to make it seem as if both had been brutally murdered, even going so far as to stab her poor mother who had died from scarlet fever. To ensure that it looked like a massacre, after she found her mothers lifeless body she stabbed her and made a bloody mess and then and finished off Gloria!

Gloria's spirit is in this piece that holds a picture of her that was imposed a few months before her death. She utilized this piece with her spirit to get back at her sister... and lets just say her reign did not go well -- and she was assassinated!

Gloria is invoked to come forth and help you with issues that you are having, thus bringing you conscious awareness of those who are out to get you, and also help you with revenge on those who have already done you wrong!

This is an awesome item to have -- it will work wonders for anyone.