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New Jersey Element

This may remind you of something out of a Stephen King novel.  Rest assured that there are no tommyknockers or langoliers or other corny endings to this story, which isn't a story at all, it is a matter of fact.  The fact is that in New Jersey there is a widely hidden secret covered up to look like the government was attempting to do something good for its citizens.  Well, we all know that this is a joke.  The government's only worry is from where they will tap their next influx of power and influence that could possibly help them get a leg up on all other governments, because most American government officials are power-hungry creeps.  You know the rest of the story.

This item comes from a little girl-- well she is a grown woman now-- but when she first was able to hide and secure her powers she was the ripe young age of 10.  She knew that there was something special about her and a few of the other villagers that lived in her tiny town off of route 80 on the western border of New Jersey.  It was destiny that our paths crossed on the particular day that we decided to go discovering in this tiny town that has been completely deserted.  Entering the town is difficult, as the only way to get there is through a maze and network of twisting and dead-end roads and turns.  However, if you do succeed in finding the ghost town, the first characteristic of the town that you will notice is that everything-- all the houses, the churches, the town hall, the general store-- have been painted the exact same eerie shade of white.  The place gives off a very ominous energy and I could literally feel chills like icy cold fingers making their way down my back.

As we explored, we discovered that the town wasn't just partially deserted.  The WHOLE thing was left completely empty, as if the people of this town just mysteriously vanished.  We had actually bumped into a local on the way there who gave us the official story.  According to the press, the government had purchased the land from the constituents as part of a project to build a gigantic dam for hydroelectric purposes.  However, I don't think I need to tell you guys how much of a crock that excuse was.

The truth is far more disturbing and just goes to show that the government is constantly attempting to cover up the reality of things that are going on, not only in the United States, but in the world.  Deep beneath the crust of the Earth in what now is an empty town, there is buried an ancient alien artifact.  They first made contact with Iroquois Indians, who were given the gifts of ancient extraterrestrial mind technologies.  It was stored into a piece that was given to the Indians from their extraterrestrial visitors.  Years later, the piece was buried to keep its powers a secret from invading peoples.  Its resting place was this tiny village.  They noticed the energy emanating from under the ground.  Their children were born with special powers as were their children's children and so on and so forth.  As the magic emanated throughout the entire village, as generations passed and the people who were without these powers died off, the entire village became a group of covert magicians, not really aware of the magic they practiced until the most previous generation.  There was one particular young girl who was born with more of the gift than any of the other villagers or her ancestors.  Once again, she was able to make contact with the race of ancient aliens that bestowed the powers upon the Iroquois nation, who hid them, only for the powers to be rediscovered by the settlers of a town years later.

Unfortunately, the town had a rat.  The government also found out.  It was only a matter of time before the government bought up all the properties so they could claim the powers as their own.  However, before they could seize the property, the young girl who had been in contact with the aliens had received instructions on where the piece was, and met with the aliens to return the item.  Things are better this way.  However, the town still emanates the remnants of the piece that once was an epicenter of alien magical powers and energies.  The girl retains her full identity and full powers of the extraterrestrial powers.  They restored the energies in her.  The only way we know this is because she identified herself to us during our investigation.  She kind of just popped up, not really sure where she came from.  Her eyes glow an eerie white color... the same color of all the buildings in the small town.  She shared her story with us and before we departed she present us with this item.

This item is a replica of the original.  It contains the same powers that were bestowed upon the Iroquois Indians in the ancient times by the ancient extraterrestrial visitors.  This will open up full faculties of your second mind.  We all have the powers of the second mind within us.  It gives us full powers over our psychic faculty and allows us to open up our third mind.  This particular power also allows you full control over the faculties of anothers mind.  It will allow you to control the facets of others minds to also control how they think and perceive, allowing you to effectively control their minds!

Additionally, this power opens up a direct psychic line between the race of extraterrestrials and your mind.  This will make you like the race and allow you to travel to their world esoterically to heighten your intelligence and gain a better understanding of the universe and the cosmic energies that flow through it!