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This piece will ignite powers of the Leidenfrost effect within you. The effect actually creates an insulating, protective barrier of vapor that forms over a liquid exposed to extreme heat. This same effect protects you when you pinch out candles with wet fingers. It’s a phenomenon we’re all capable of doing given the right circumstances (like in firewalking), but it’s only a fraction of what people with fire immunity experience.

Nathan Coker was a blacksmith in Maryland who could stand on white hot metal, swill molten lead shot in his mouth until it solidified, and hold red-hot coals. His skin was so dexterous, he never even showed signs of burn marks.

When wearing this piece you will be granted this remarkable unification of power. We of course do not advise you to purposely touch hot things, or deal with fire!! This is a piece that would work well for someone who works in a restaurant... a cook, a server who has to carry hot plates, etc.

There are also other jobs where people come in contact with hot surfaces and items and this will help you not have to worry so much about being harmed... very rare piece to come about -- and one that should be used responsibly -- again, we DO NOT want you to try to purposely indulge yourself with hot items or fire... as this magic is projected to project in times of need, not in irrational times of greed!!

**Sterling Silver