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Of all the many unexplained phenomena, experiences, and objects in the world, ones that hold a great deal of fascination for me are what I categorize as "ancient anomalies." Also called "ooparts," these are objects that by scientific measure are very old, but in form or construction appear to be quite modern. They are impossible fossils, out-of-time technology, anachronistic artifacts. In other words, if our history of the world is correct, they just should not exist. And there are many examples - many more than geologists, archaeologists, and other scientists care to admit.

In 1961, the owners of a gift shop in Olancha, Calif. found a fossil-encrusted geode in the Coso Mountains. When one of the owners cut the geode in half with a diamond saw, however, he found an object inside that was obviously artificial. The object had a metal core surrounded by layers of a ceramic-like material and a hexagonal wooden sleeve.

When X-rayed, the object seemed to resemble a modern spark plug or some other electronic component. Yet it had been completely encased in a geode that was covered with fossils estimated to be 500,000 years old.

Geodes are amazing and this ring holds a center stone that was carved from the center of a geode. This piece is an anomalie due to the fact that it is refererenced from old, but looks new and stylish~!

The energies from the ancient relics hold imperiable powers of mystic strength and this piece holds a spirit named Arunka, who is known for her ability to travel forth the realms of the past. You will gain a connection with Arunka and be able to gain access to your past and past lives; thus giving you the power to learn from your past mistakes and implore the historical events that have prospered our world.


**This is a grand piece that will bring you worlds of imagination to enrich you with knowledge, and it also holds an implarable pull that will allow you to bring back powers and abilities you formerly had into your current life!