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This piece is a calling force of heroism. Occult magicians used to unlock special enrichments when a battle was underway that affected their surroundings!

There were times when soldiers seemed to be scarce; men did not want to fight over some of the little things that used to be claims to battle.

A Kings ignorance and arrogance would often start some of the meaningless battles... to protect real men, a Sorcerer would utilize a portal piece to bring souls of men forward.

This item is a Gracchi Pendant, and it holds the souls of Roman heros who have not yet been born. They were seen in the Underworld by Anchises and Aeneas... they will come forth to bring you a strong force and allow you to be a master! These soldiers were never needed, as the war ended, but their training and strength in lingette magic will impede time and make you a fierce leader in the Occult World.

These soldiers hold dual abilities and are ridicuoulsy strong, so be prepared to dominant and able to give directions on how you want them to use their force to benefit your life~!