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This charm bracelet belonged to Andora, who died in the early 90's. She has charms showcasing her accomplishements in college and forecasted her advancements in her progressive life.

She was very popular and creative... she had the whole world ahead of her! She was also very psychic and had incredible ESP, she used to talk about things that didn't seem to make sense to others -- about years past, years when she wasn't living.

Andora used her psychic skills to tap into regression powers and found an element to tap into her past lives. She was killed in a motorcycle accident when she was the passenger on a friends bike.

This bracelet was left in her jewelry box and got sold at an estate sale. We were lucky enough to get this and the piece implores amazing translations of from her past lives and her spirit will assume within you to help you generate the facets of all of your past lives!!

Have you always been curious as to what you did in the past? Where you lived? Your social class? Andora will reference these agilities for you and you will be thrilled with how detailed she can be~!