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I’ve always thought Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls looked particularly evil, and here’s my proof. Raggedy Ann was given to a little girl named Donna in the ‘70s, and she and her family immediately began to notice strange things.

The doll would seemingly re-pose itself when no one was looking... and once it was even found in a kneeling position. When Donna tried to replicate the pose with the doll, she couldn’t – it was too soft to stay in that position and would just fall over.

Childish writing began to appear on the walls and the family got scared. They found a medium and held a seance, where they found out that a little girl named Annabelle had once lived there, long before the apartment building was there, and wanted to play with them.

Even worse things began to happen afterward – Donna’s father received inexplicable burn marks on his chest and everyone in the house began having nightmares.

Donna and her family got rid of Annabelle the Doll. It’s now in an occult museum; where we got to see her. Deedee connected with the doll immediately and realized that the substance in the power was in the pin that was adorned on the dolls dress. The Raggedy Ann had a pin placed on it by Donna's grandmother, one day when they were playing play up -- and that is what we found out holds the majestic invocation.

After raving about the pin and how she loves flowers, Deedee was able to make a deal to swap a piece for this pin and some money. The owner of the museum didn't want to, at first, but gave in.

This piece will bring forth a spiritual awareness, as well as grant you flexibility! The spirit within this piece was an Olympic gymnast and was limber and strong. This was a part of her pin collection and got sold off, this is when Donna's grandmother got it.. she only had it a few days before passing it on to Donna, through the Raggedy Ann doll.

You can utilize the spirit of the gymnast to help ease tensions in your muscles, strains in your body, connect with others on the spiritual realm... and bring you flexibility, which can be used to help you do more things at work, or even sexually!!

The associated connection that will implore in this piece will bring forth amazing agility and power to the one who adorns this grand piece.