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Somewhere in West Africa lives a tribe called the Dogon who have a special affection for the star we call Sirius.

In ancient Dogon traditions, the star has two companion stars. One of the companion stars circles Sirius every 50 years, is very dense and extremely heavy. The thing is, these legends are thousands of years old, but they’re dead right.

Curiously, we westerners didn’t even know about Sirius B until the 19th century. It’s a white dwarf, a tiny, dense leftover from a star that has seen better days. You can’t see it without a telescope. And we should also mention that Sirius C, the second companion star, has only recently been proposed in theory, to explain a “perturbation” in Sirius B’s orbit. The Dogon have a 400-hundred-year-old statue that depicts all three stars.

What else say the Dogon? This is where it gets even weirder: thousands of years ago, they were visited by the Nommos, an amphibian-like race that came from the Sirius star system in a noisy “ark” that spun and whipped up wind while it landed.

They came to aid humankind, and apparently spent years with the tribe, teaching them the secrets of civilization.

So how does an African tribe have traditions that lay down specific astronomical facts — traditions that go back millenia? Lucky guesses?

I think NOT, they are a tribe advanced with pure aspects of power that was blessed by the rare stars. Like the fountain of youth, these pieces came from the Dogon Tribe and are enchanted with the impact of the star Sirius as the sparks fall when the companion star circles it.

This happened the other year and that is when these pieces were made.

These will bring forth pure astrological embellishments that will impale you with the opportunites to pull energy sources and gain telekinesis, power negation, power absorption, duplication and invisibility attributes~

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