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A lot of people seem to think that being a real man or woman means following the cut and dry rules that are set for gender stereotypes.

For them, a real man is one who goes out to earn the bread and kill the bears that threaten his family. And a real woman is always pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen. These notions are equally damaging to both men and to women - after all, the man who shoots the bears often comes home drunk, having lost all his money gambling in the local pub, only to take out his rage on his wife, right in front of the children. The woman who is pregnant, barefoot and in the kitchen is, of course,  ill-equipped to teach or play with her existing children and becomes a sad, bitter, practically single mom.

To bring back some control in her life, she will nag her husband, only to be beaten up soundly for doing so. And after all, can a man be truly free if he has  to come home to a sad, embittered, uneducated woman, who has no control over her life?

For me, a real man is one who, while performing all the traditional masculine roles, has fully integrated the feminine aspect into his personality.

He can chop lumber but can also cook up a great dinner. To his children, he can be both father and mother.

A real woman, similarly, is somebody who is essentially feminine, but can take care of herself and her family like a man. She can do great embroidery, and can also trade share certificates. To her kids, she is both mom and dad - she can take them camping (alone if necessary) and can also sing a lullaby.

* Traditional views and stern outlooks on life can often jeopardize people from changing and breaking free from these "days of ole" vantage points!

This piece was designed and empowered by Athena, a, non-tradional, Granger Witch who wants to elevate the standards that we all have set in our lives. It is often hard to get your true feelings across, because you have to deal with the ignorance of others that are around you. You get put into situations you want to get out of, but feel bad -- or think that you need to follow the traditional ways in which "life was set up". Are you in a bad marriage and due to your upbringing, or religious beliefs feel you cannot be divorced? Get past those emotions and gain a back bone -- that is what Athenas piece will do for you!!

The ring will also help alleviate the tough demeanor of those around you, so if your boyfriend or husband is a block head and expects that you do all the housework and be his at home slave, or your wife or girlfriend puts all the pressure on you to make all the money, then you need this piece to conjure the awareness of what you truly do and how impactful all elements are!

Do not be put down or degraded, utilize this powerful piece to erupt pure knowledge of the way life should be TODAY, and get away from the old views that no longer are valid and can be discerning and downright negative for you to survive!