Exorcismi Sphinge-- Extracting the Spirit of the Sphinx

Exorcismi Sphinge-- Extracting the Spirit of the Sphinx

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I was at dinner with my friend the other night.  It wasn't anything out of the normal, besides that fact that we were at a place that only served crappy food.  Other than that all was peachy.  I go out with this friend often.  For the sake of my story, will simply call my friend, Amanda.

You see, I've known Amanda for some time now and I go out with her and her boyfriend regularly.  Her boyfriend has this thing where if he doesn't eat by a certain time he throws a temper tantrum and gets quite angry.  I've never experience this type of food-dependent attitude in a human being before, but apparently the correlation exists in some, and if he isn't fed by 5;15 it's like he turns into a whole different beastly creature.  Other than that, he's a pretty decent person to hang out with.

However, last night a bit different.  We ended up not eating until around 8:30pm because we were doing some shopping.  We improvised and found a local restaurant because we were all pretty hungry at this point.  The restaurant's facade was actually pretty cool looking-- a house from the 1800s that was bubbling with spiritual activity; however it wasn't the spirits in the house that night ended up being the topic of interest. "The boyfriend's" demeanor was about the same that it ever was.  The waitress came to take our orders.  She was half was across the dining room when Amanda asked her to return because she had a question.  Well, this set "the boyfriend" into a frenzy because he-- and I quote--, "needed his food."  He proceeded to hiss at Amanda.  It wasn't like not just a little hiss, either.  It was really like he was a full grown cat and somebody had just tried to steal one of hid newborn kittens.

At first I couldn't conceal my laughter.  I proceeded to tell "the boyfriend" that he needed to get that checked, because mental patients usually hiss at people, not sane adults.  Then it began to stir in my mind like a cement truck.  The fact that Amanda frequently referred to "the boyfriend" as her lion-face and the fact that lion-face had had a rare cat disease some years back that wouldn't allow him to keep down any of his food rolled around in my mind.  I mean, who gets a cat disease.  Meeooww!  Anyhow, I suggested to Amanda that maybe she should get her boyfriend checked out.

The following day we held a seance with a spirit exorcist.  We held a spirit reconnaissance seance, during which we were immediately able to recognize the entity that had take over lion-face's body.  You see, way back when he first got the cat disease is when his cat symptoms first started and began to lose his temper and hiss at people.  We were able to pinpoint the date and locate the exact point of entry of the spirit.  We then pulled it out and were amazed at what we found.

Lodged deep down inside of of lion-face's soul was the spirit of a sphinx.  Not just any sphinx, either.  Somehow the spirit of the sphinx had found his way to Pennsylvania and possessed lion-face's body.  At the time of original possession, lion-face became ill but since then had learned how to live with the dual existence and characteristics of both human and sphinx.

Alas, we have exorcised the sphinx from "the boyfriend" aka lion-face.  We ejected the spirit from the body and cast it into this item.  Here it will live, instead of ever possessing somebody's body ever again.  However, you can use this piece to summon the powers of the spirit sphinx.  It will open up your third eye and give you direct psychic connection the sphinx and all the powers that inhabit it from the ancient Egyptians til now.  You will gain the powers of the timeline of the Sphinx, which will bring you the many facets of all the powers ever offered by the Sphinx!  This is some serious power!!

As for lion-face... well, he still gets angry when he doesn't get his dinner right at 5:15pm, but since he doesn't have the dual existence of the sphinx inside of him, he has cut down on his hissing considerably!


**14KT Gold and 925 are within this masterful piece of extreme power