Vampire Psychic Rebirth: Deedee's Original Investigation

Vampire Psychic Rebirth: Deedee's Original Investigation

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When they red-robes had finished tossing in their jewelry they made their way back up the trail.  My friend hid off in some trees and watched as they walked away.  I say walked because that's the only thing that makes human sense.  In all actuality, the sort of glided over the ground, the bottom of their robes stirring up a bit of dust, probably because the "walked" so quickly.

After they had departed and were a safe distance from where we were, we entered the circle where the ritual had just taken place.  By this time my friend was in hysterics about what she was going to do.  At that point in time I couldn't have cared less, I had my mind on one thing.  Those items that were in the bottom of the pool of what I eventually did confirm to be blood.  It wasn't just any blood-- it was vampire blood.  As I dug my hand into pool, I felt around for the pieces.  The blood was still warm and when I pulled my arm back out into the cool summer night's air, it steamed a little, but I had claimed by prize and was about to go bobbing for another, when I noticed that the entities were returning.  We hightailed it out of there just as quickly as we could.

My friend decided to hold off on purchasing that house.  I took the item back to office and began testing it.  I was exciting with what I had found!  As I psychically examined the piece, I was able to determine that the ritual that was being performed was a vampire Resurrection ritual, whereby the spirits of ancient vampires were summoned and resurrected into human bodies to exist as physical form vampires.  The souls that been collected into this village were tremendously ancient.  The reason why the pieces were cast into the pool of vampire blood afterward is to absorb the powers of the just-completed ritual.  This gives the items powers associated with the particular vampire soul they were conjuring.

The piece that I was able secure is a complete vampire psychic rebirth.  With this rebirth your full psychic ability will be fully opened.  You will be able to see all entities and forms through your third eye that is going to be complete and esoterically awakened to its fullest extent.  You will be able to use these powers to also unlock special vampire psychic powers such as the ability to hypnotise with you eyes, the ability to travel into the minds of others, the ability to read the minds of others, and so on.  Last, but definitely not least, you will gain a psychic connection to a network of vampire energy that flows naturally through our own realm from another one that exists dually with our own.  They overlap one another, basically.  This energy will be able to be scouted using your third eye, then collected and used to create and alter your own vampire powers.  This piece gives you a complete Vampire Psychic Rebirth.

We actually ran this piece by Shine the other day just to see what he thought of it.  He said that it is an extremely powerful piece.  He was able to identify the powers in it immediately, and said that the powers that are in this item are an extremely rare type of energy that comes from an even rarer type of vampires that predate most that exist on Earth.  I was very excited to find this out.  I'm even more excited to list this piece, because I know you guys love your vampire powers!!  You're gonna LOVE this one!!