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Underground Grail

Underground Grail

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Underground Grail

The City of Rome is one of the oldest cities that are still left standing til this day.  It is known for a swath of historical evidence and findings from the Roman times to the present times.  One of the lesser known secrets of Rome, however, is that Rome is home to some of the oldest and longest underground burial tunnels in the world.  To find catacombs that are full of secrets awaiting discovery, all you have to do is go to Rome.

The oldest Catacomb Tunnels date back to the 1st Century AD, when the Jewish community in Rome built the tunnels as cemeteries for their dead.  Christian catacombs came a year later, when they took over the Jewish graves.  Saints were buried and they serve as hubs for these tunnels, like little brains on a network of nerves.

Here's the catch.  All Christian catacombs in Rome are the property of the Catholic Church.  Nobody is allowed entrance to them or to explore them without special permission of the Vatican; and the Holy See makes it extremely hard to obtain this permission.  In fact, while some of the tunnels have been well explored and documented, it is estimated that over 70% have not.  It leaves one to wonder what the Catholic Church is hiding that they won't let anybody enter these seemingly ordinary catacombs-- that is besides the fact that there are hundreds if not thousands of dead bodies to be discovered.

Well that is because with the catacombs, which run strictly underground and connect a slew of Holy Structures, Monuments, Temples, and Cathedrals.  The main entrance for the tunnels is hidden deep beneath the floor of the Vatican, where the only map for the tunnels exists, it a catacomb that holds the body of Moses, God's chosen leader for the Israelites.  It is like the all knowing brain of the entire network of the catacombs of saints and the religious structures they represent.  Like, as if the saint actually comes back and is spiritually that building.

Let me get into the real meaty reasons as to why the Vatican doesn't want anyone roving their underground confines.  There is a Basilica called the Basilica di San Lorenzo Fuori le Mur, which translates to mean the Basilica of Saint Lorenzo the martyr.  It is one of the Seven Great Basilicas of Rome and was dedicated to St Lawrence by the Holy See.

Saint Lawrence was a 3rd Century Martyr who was persecuted under the rule of Valerian in the year 258.  However, before he was killed he was given complete control and protection over the Holy Grain.  This was given to him by Pope Sixtus II who knew that the Holy See was facing an onslaught of persecution and needed to make sure that they Holy Grail and its power were never exposed.

The Deacon Saint Lawrence hid the chalice in a place where very few people knew about to save it from the persecutions of Valerian.  Saint Lawrence was murdered for his beliefs, but not before he knew for a fact that the Holy Grail was well protected.  Some say that he sent the chalice to Spain.  Others say that it was sent to France.  However, the truth of the matter is that the Holy Grain exists underneath the confines of St Lawrence's Basilica.  God has delivered and sent St Lawrence back to exist, spiritually, as the building.  The building has its own life and its own system of protection and security.  Keeping this in mind, requests to explore the underground tunnels and catacombs build in the times of old has continually been denied by the Catholic Church.  Their reasoning?  There isn't any solid evidence behind any claim that the Holy Grail is buried at this location.  Early Christians didn't bury objects with the dead.  The only thing to be found in the tunnels are inscriptions and human remains and they don't was to disturb these resting places.

HELLO!!!  If that doesn't sound the  dumbest reason ever, I'm not quite sure that I'll hear the dumbest reason ever.  The reason is because they KNOW for a FACT that the Holy Grail is there.  They don't want people to find the Grail, which has been given complete invisibility anyhow via the spiritual protection of St Lorenzo, and "exploit" the powers that are in them.  Exploit?  Or, maybe it's because the Holy see is using the powers in the Holy Grail to do things that they shouldn't necessarily be doing.  Naughty Pope...

Anyway, you don't have to take my word for it.  This piece is contains a piece that has been washed inside the actual Holy Grail.  Don't ask how I got this piece, because I'm not telling.  It is very personal and secretive, because the person who has given this item to me is one of our customers and is very close to the pope.  I had to give him a piece to get rid of a demon that nearly ate one of his family members from the inside out.  In return, he through me a little something.

This piece will merge with your brain, heightening your existence.  It will open up your full psychic white light ability allow you to see and hear the spirits from Heaven and those who have been left behind.  You will receive a particularly strong power.  Using this piece you will be able to use your mind to travel the underground network of passageway and saint hubs.  I can this network God's Brain.  You will be able to travel among God's Brain in a holographic replication of His brain that will occur inside your mind.  It will be much like having a vision, except you will be fully able to interact and feel your surroundings.

You will able to use this piece to explore and to gain saintly and heavenly and divine powers.  They aren't minor powers, either.  I'm talking about solid, grounded, forceful white powers.  They are from the saints and they are as sampling of God's brute force of magic.  You will even be able to drink from the holographic version of the Holy Grail.  This will really get your magic going, as it contains the spiritual Blood of the Truth, meaning that your brain will be instantaneously connected to Gods and you will be able to perform miracles, raise spirits, cause plagues, crush plague, and control a multitude of other powers that only God and Jesus have full-range control over.

You have to remember, this is a very powerful piece!  The responsibility that comes with it is extreme, as well as the omnipotent powers you will received and the omniscient knowledge.  Treat this piece very carefully, and will be very good to you!  It is one of the most powerful pieces that I have personally encountered in a very long time.