Uplifted By The Gonder Mansion

Uplifted By The Gonder Mansion

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The modest town of Strasburg is mainly known for its historical railroad. Thousands flock to this small town every summer to take a leisurely stroll through the Amish farmlands, not realizing the nearby town is rich in ghostly tales of the afterlife. After-hours this town comes alive with spirits. Ghost carriages have been spotted on Main Street carrying Union Civil War soldiers who are on leave. There’s also the nearby John Funk house which dates back to 1789 and is thought to be haunted by him and his wife. Mr. Funk is such an active spirit; conversations with him have been recorded. He’s also been known to wait on customers in the store that now occupies his former residence. But there’s another nearby home with a past so full of mystique, the Gonder Mansion~!

The Gonder Mansion was built by a local railroading tycoon. The Victorian home was built right next to the very modest home the family formerly resided in. But when moving next door, they left something behind in the former home. The wealthy brother had left his sister Annie to live in the home herself, secluded away from the rest of the family. Annie was thought to have several mental disabilities that the family seemed to be embarrassed by. Eventually Annie moved away from the town and her family, but vowed revenge.

A few years later, Annie took her own life by drowning herself in the nearby Pequea Creek. Since then, it seems as those Annie has kept her promise. Her spirit is said to haunt the Gonder Mansion and is particularly fond of scaring men of the house.

Annie Gonder doesn’t always prefer to stay at home. The nearby Strasburg Cemetery where her remains are buried also seems to be a favorite spot for her. As you approach the rusty iron gates of the cemetery, you feel a presence around you. The bats flying overhead make your pulse race higher as you approach the old, worn tombs of the Gonder family. Something seems afoul. The gravestone of Annie is placed in the opposite direction of the rest of the family. Was the family so ashamed of Annie they turned their backs on her even in death? Or was Annie getting the last laugh on the Gonder family, and shunning away from them?

We visited the house and cemetary and ascerted Annie's spitit, pulling it into this piece -- she will come forward to you and help you glimmer and be filled with essential magic to rise above the negativitiy and ignorance of others. Are you the outcast of your family? Do you feel that people look down on you for no real reason... then you need Annie to proclaim her life experience into you and help you rise above the negative assertion!!

This is a mastery piece that works immediately -- this bringing forth a renewed correlation of justice, ignition of power and substantial outpours of illusive energy to allow you to spread your wings and allow you freedom to live and not be tied down by judgement!