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A troll is an ancient, mythical Norwegian creature with a big personality. With their bristly hair, coarse features and unusual faces, trolls have a highly original appearance. There are at least as many types of troll as there are of people, and like people, trolls have their own unique temperaments. Some are dangerous and nasty, while others are kind and funny. The trolls are the masters of some of the Norwegian woods and mountains.

Trolls have big, warm hearts and lots of personality. This piece holds Myrtle, he is less frightening than other trolls and rather more sweet, innocent, and funny. He isn’t malicious and gloomy, but lively and cheery, and so he brings laughter, pleasure and humor.

He is also full of dirty tricks, and he is unable to follow the norms and regulations, which one really should do. This makes him lots of fun, and the kind of troll that dares to do things other trolls wouldn’t.

People say that trolls bring happiness, and that troll magic can cause wishes to be fulfilled. What is your troll-wish?

For everyone to experience a little magic, and for everyone to have their own magic wish fulfilled they need to have the energies of a troll to be intertwined in their spirit.

The ability to have a variety of majestic powers tailored upon you is something that is rare to come across -- so to have this piece with Myrtle within it is something that will not last!

Get Myrtle and find timeless pleasures as you embark on your connection and he fulfils your desires!