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Sophisticated, modern, educated people who work with spirits inhabit their own threshold zone. They live a liminal existence, simultaneously walking in two worlds: the mysterious world of the spirits and the "rational" world that denies spirits' existence.
This piece is a crossroads amulet -- crossroads are where something intersects with something else. A crossroads might be literal (a traffic intersection; a metting of the roads) or spiritual (a shrine, or altar, where the mundane meets the sacred).
Crossroads have a point of intersection -- that point is perceived as possessing and emanating tremendous magical, metaphysical, and spiritual energy. Spirits both crave and contribute to that energy!!
You will intersect your born knowledge and this piece will implore the sense of the spirit world to generate an outcall to your threshold zone. This zone is only triggered when factors of the spirit world coincide in a certain perplexity that normally takes years of education and study of the paranormal world.
However, with this piece you will be inhabited astrally with the routines of exceled knowledge that will radiate your personal threhold zone within your mind and covet you with the increase of developed occult injections of divine wisdom which will relinquish you with majestic blessings!