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While Montenegro's coast has been landed for centuries as one of the world's most beautiful, the Adriatic waters just offshore have recently emerged as a global hotspot for sea-snot formation.
Believed to be created by the coagulation of marine snow (the biological detritus that constantly falls through the water column), blobs of sea snot have appeared over the last 20 years at an exponentially increasing rate.
The sea-snot has become very unwelcome, as it has a not very good odor, and it is a nuisance to fisherman an is causing rising oncern as a health hazard -- as it harbours viruses and bacteria, such as E. coli.
Rizheus, a Mongol Sorcerer, took the nuisance and realized that the harbouring of the viruses and bacterias could be used to empower great relativities of need and divine enrichments!
To be able to find just cause to an issue, you first have to tackle the problem at hand. 
This is exactly what he has done -- and the follicles of the sea-snot have been regimented to radiate the aspects to help you stay healthy. This will exhume the partiles of influenza that wrath all around us this time of year and will shield you from the continued growth of new viruses that are flooding the world.
Rizheus took several years to perfect this emission of energy -- and this supplemental piece is great!!