Trinket with a Hidden Message
Trinket with a Hidden Message

Trinket with a Hidden Message

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Trinket with a Hidden Message
In the area on the northwest edge of the Pine Barrens, about 15 miles form the Delaware River, an ax or wedge was plowed from the ground on a farm field in 1859. 
A neighbor of the farmer, Dr. J.W.C. Evans described this wedge in a letter to The American Ethnological Society stating it was about a 6x4 inch sandstone with ten characters inscribed on it. The characters were of an unknown origin. The Ethnological Society published Dr. Evans findings in 1861, complete with a rendering of the markings, but the report went unnoticed. An archeologist for the Early Sites Research Society of New England saw the article in a Boston library and gave his interpretation of the markings.
Dr. Barry Fell described the markings as Tartessian and the language as Iberic, which was used before the first century A.D. A guess at the age of this wedge would be fro about 200 BC. to 100 B.C. He went on to say that the wedge states "Stand firm, on guard, parry, close in and strike."
There have been many other inscribes stones found along the Delaware River which leaves archeologists unable to explain how they got there. 
Dr. Fell was correct about what the wedge stated, however what he didn't realize is that this was only the beginning of a message -- well of a spell actually. 
The notation of the rest of the spell was discovered when other combined inscribes stones were put together with this. 
Enlightened with extreme strength from days before Christ, the items we have available are elevated strength and protection pieces. The inscribed spell will bring you the ultimate force against any negative entities and will protect your physical body by strengthening your aura and allotting strong sensory awareness when danger is near!!
You will have a new barrier of protection and this will awaken follicles in your body to emerge generatives of magic into your life!!
Very fascinating item that will bless you and protect you with the strengths in riches of those who helped evolve our world.