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These send vibrations to unlocking the barrier to the 'chastity belt' that most women try to pretend they have on. Playing hard to get is over when you wear one of these lustful pieces!
The pendant is an originate of Alan Jacobs, a noted lady's man of the early 1900's... a lover of his had this made for him and it holds energies of his sly ways that will grant you the abilities to woo any woman you desire!!
The pendant is metal with hammered depictions.. it projects the symbolizing of the penis banging the interior of the vagina. This hammered affect is a precedent symbol among underworld sex slaves.
No matter which interests you, you will not be disappointed with the results of sexuality that will flood you --- your pants will constantly be on the ground and your erection will be constant.
**There are 2 of these available -- get one for you, and one for a friend -- time to pet the pussy right. :)