Otoacoustic Emission

Otoacoustic Emission

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Otoacoustic Emission

There has been a lot of speculation around the phenomenon known as otoacoustic emission. According to physical doctors, these types of emissions are a result of an automatic response from the inner ear from a stimuli and produce a small humming side within the inner ear, only audible to the person experiencing the otoacoustic emission; however the doctors also speculated that the otoacoustic emissions do not necessarily have to be a direct result of stimuli. These emissions could pop up spontaneously in one’s ear, citing no reason other than, “just because.”

When I was first introduced to this theory, I wasn’t amazed, I wasn’t intrigued, I was is disbelief. There had to be something going here. People don’t hear noises, “just because.” So, I did some digging and was able to find an answer that more suited the needs that I had on my conscious to rest the issue for once and for all.

I gained a personal contact in Oklahoma, while at a paranormal convention. Finally, my gift of gab was going to pay off. I phoned Kurt, who is the leader of an otherwise underground paranormal research team. He had also heard of otoacoustic emission. From what he understood, the frequency was generated from low frequency waves that are cause by some sort of damage or alteration that has been done to the body. it is then that these hums are heard.

Kurt’s theory, which he has been able to prove, is that there was no damage at all, and that peoples ears weren’t humming merely by chance. What was actually going on is the following. To begin with, we all know that spirits travel at extreme frequencies, ones that are too high or too low for most human beings to pick up on. I say most human beings, because there are those human beings that are just perceptive to these kind of things, and those people are the ones that will be have the exclusive ability of acting as oracles between this world and the spirit world. This is where the frequencies come in. The spirits are sending messages, attempting to communicate with the human race, but people, in general aren’t far enough advanced to learn how to communicate with spirits in the only means possible. That is where the pieces you see above come into

These pieces were created especially for those who are experiencing otoacoustic emission. Now, a regular doctor may or may not give you medicine for your “problem” and send you on your way. Utilizing the pieces above you will be able to embrace the ability (not the “problem) you have exhibit. If you are in physical contact with this piece while experiencing OAE, you will unlock a chamber in your mind that will allow you to communicate on the astral level, with spirits who are willingly trying to communicate. You will be able to act as an oracle between this world and the spirit world. You will receive prophecies from the spirits concerning many things, gaining divine wisdom and intellect. Accordingly, you may be revered as a hero as you will be able to help people receive revelations and messages from the other side concerning their life and well-being.

The pair your looking at is 14k gold and real rubies with diamonds.