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Man’s Best Friend

This piece comes from Emir, our correspondent from the Middle East. He found the piece this piece during an investigation of the Necromanteion, which is a temple built to honor Hades, Lord of the Underworld. He went there with the hopes of finding some sort of hard evidence that the Underworld realm did actually exist and that the Greeks weren’t just telling stories. What he found when he got there went above and beyond what anyone had expected when they began the trip.

Among the ruins of the Necromanteion, the palace of Hades and the place many consider to be the gateway between this world and the current underworld, Emir found the piece that you see above. This piece actually inhabits the spirits of the ancient gatekeeper of Hades. The gatekeeper? A three headed dog named Cerberus, with a bad attitude for anyone alive trying to get into, or deceased trying to get out of the underworld. This monstrous beast was once an inhabitant of the underworld, but was tame by Hercules, who was commissioned by the gods to go into Hades and retrieve the three headed canine and instill his powers by making him the guardian of the gate to Hell.

Once Hades (by the way that is both the name of the Lord of the Underworld and the Underworld itself, just so you follow) figured out a way to seal off the entrance between the Earth realm and the Realm of the Underworld, Cerberus command poast was no longer needed, so they cast him into the piece you see above for fear of retaliation. Now, how is that for animal cruelty.

It’s okay, because now you can “adopt” Cerberus into your home. With Cerberus you will maintain the best friend that man could ask for... times three. He will be your magical consort, giving you all of the powers that were bestowed to him by Hades, Lord of Underworld (these powers are not dark magic, as we do not condone that type of behavior. Your new pet will provide you with spiritual revival and renewal, giving you the astral insight require for a peek into the realm of Hades to obtain any source of magic that you may be searching for. He will be faithful and loyal, always guarding you from evil and hostile spiritual predators and power leeches. Despite his position as the guardian of the gate of Hell, Cerberus is great and will make for a an awesome spiritual companion to accompany you on your astral journeys. Just make sure you stock up on Purina!! You will receive the piece above that embodies the soul of Cerberus. To activate it, simply throw an activation spell and you are on your way to receiving the best friend of your life-- Clifford has nothing on this one!!