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Gypsy Dream Oracle

I received this piece from Emir, our correspondent in the Middle East. He was on some kind of investigations-went-awry in Jordan. He was on his way back when he came across band of modern, nomadic gypsies, traveling in the wilderness. He was intrigued by the gypsies, so he camped with them for a few days, as a means of learning more about their methods and their ways. Let’s just say that he got a little for than he bargained for.

The first night that he camped with the gypsies was fine. So was the second; by the third night he had begun to experience the weirdest thing. At night, while he dreamt, he received images in his dreams involving the gypsies, enchantment, dancing, and a human sacrifice. The fourth night the dream got more vivid. The fifth, he could swore it was real. Emir was sure he was in danger, but no matter how much his subconscious was telling him, “run... get outta here,” he just couldn’t leave. The gypsies had him so wrapped with fascination that he just refused to do anything about the danger the lurked in the background.

The gypsies were getting ready for the Fall Equinox. By this point, Emir had realized that these gypsies were a break-off faction of gypsies and they had their own way of doing things. So, when the gypsies informed him that they were going to need a human sacrifice devoted to the Fall Equinox, Emir took them very seriously, realizing that he was in grave danger. There was nothing he could do though, as the gypsies continuously were enchanting his dreams, giving him visions of splendor and intrigue, forcing Emir to stay against his will.

By luck, a young gypsy no more than 13 years of age was also fascinated by Emir and his tales of magic and where he had come from. She felt pity and compassion on Emir, and snuck to his quarters late one night. Handing him this piece, she told him to sleep with it directly under his pillow. The piece would interfere with the gypsy magic and after that he would be able to split. So Emir did as he was told and narrowly escaped being the sacrifice of the Fall Equinox. Guess he learned his lesson about shacking up with random gypsies.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with you? It turns out that the piece the girl had give Emir to escape was the very piece that held the gypsy magic that enchanting his dreams and keeping him in his mental prison. This piece, known as a dream oracle will allow a person to craft and alter a persons dream in a way the consistent with their own intentions. When you own this piece you are able to form and send dreams to people, enter others dreams to alter them, or deplete another’s dreams entirely. You can use it as a way of making people do what you want or simply getting what you want. You will hold the ability to read people subconscious thought while they are deep in slumber. With this piece you will be able to execute perfect gypsy magic and spells, which isn’t necessarily dark or light magic. It is simply gypsy magic-- need I say more? You will also receive a dream shield of you own, as the young gypsy put one on the piece, as a way for Emir to escape the grizzly fate of being Mother Earth’s next official sacrifice. You will receive the item above. Use it responsibly,This is one of the most serious Gypsy magicals we have come across in a while. It is both dark AND white depending on how you use it,