The Guardian of the Souls,THE CRIOSPHINX

The Guardian of the Souls,THE CRIOSPHINX

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The Guardian of the Souls

This piece comes from Emir, our Beast from the Middle East. He and an paranormal archaeologist discovered these pieces in the depths of one of the pyramids built by King Khufu in Giza in ancient times. This pieces wasn’t discovered in his main tomb, it was found in one of the smaller tombs, that are sometimes overlooked because of their vast different in size. It was a mistake that other researcher have made, that we capitalized on. Had somebody sparked an interest, they wouldn’t been able to decipher the hidden messages and meaning that lead Emir and his help find what we have labeled, “The Temple of the Criosphinx.

In this temple that is located within the pyramid that Khufu had built for his wives, was a piece that embodied the powers of an ancient Criosphinx, which is the guardian of souls. Khufu put the guardian Criosphinx here, because he wanted his wives and consorts to be thoroughly protected from the doings of evil spirits. Thus, their spirits have been able to rest in peace. How do we know? We’ve seen them. The piece, that Emir discovered on our behalf was sent to us for immediate evaluation and examination. After running tests on the piece we have discover the following.

The power vest in the piece from the Temple of the Criosphinx, Guardian of Souls, give us the exclusive ability to see into the realm of spirits, to contact any spirit, past, present, of future. You can contact them for secrets, advice, assistance, or just to chit-chat for bit. You will have an especially strong connection with those that Khufu has commission the Criosphinx to care for, as you will now inherit this responsibility. Accordingly, you will receive all of the magical essence of the Criosphinx including, but not limited to, astral sanctification, spiritual cleansing, spiritual transmogrification, white magic, light magic, and astral projection. You will also reserve the ability to transmogrify on the astral plain, becoming the spiritual essence of the sacred criosphinx and being deemed superior to all others in the spiritual realms. You will exhibit the power to vanquish evildoers and villainous spirits as you deems fit. Act now, because this piece will NOT be around for long... I can guarantee it.

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the Criosphinx!!!!!!! MY PERSONal fav! I believe this one is all gold. If you want to know my experience with this I will print it on the forum.