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The Lair of the Spider Woman and the Fourth Realm

This piece comes from a tribe of American Natives that, I think it’s safe to say, nearly everyone is familiar with. The tribe I am speaking of is the Hopi Indian tribe. The clan of Indians, whose origins stem from Arizona, are abundant with legends, folklore, and spirit stories; and plenty of magic to escort them. In fact, I have acquired this piece from a Hopi adventurer that I met at a conference on the West Coast.

This item comes from a series of rocks that juts some 800 feet into the sky from the floor of Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly. The rock formation, known as Spider Rock because the Hopi ancients named it that. Spider rock is home to the Hopi goddess the Spider Woman. I know she sounds like a comic book hero, but this lady has some wicked awesome powers, and is so much better than anything a comic book author could dream up.

To begin with, the Spider Woman is the grand creator goddess of the Hopi people. She spoke the Hopi people into existence and can speak anything into existence. She is the one who helps the Hopi people transition between their four realms of existence. She is also the one who will help smooth the transition from Earth, the fourth world, into the Armageddon and purging the will eventually lead to a new cycle of worlds. She is the one that gives divine providence and guides the Hopi’s spirit journeys along, leading them into safe harbor, and away from dark entities and evil spirits. The Spider Woman’s lair can be found deep within Spider Rock, and I can prove it, because I have a piece that has been infused with her spirit during a spiritual transmogrification ritual performed my young Hopi colleague.

To use this item, you must first make a ritual fire. Once the fire is made, you must chant the words, “Spider Woman, mother of all that was and ever will be, inhabit my spirit, and set it free.” Continue to chant these words while clutching the piece. Your chanting along with the piece in contact with your flesh, will summon the spirit of the Spider Woman. She will take you on a spirit journey, revealing to you many truths and wisdoms of life and existence, including the grand cycle of the Fourth realm. She will elevate your spiritual intelligence to a level that comparable to the ancients of the Native American spiritual realms. This will bring about telepathic foresight and psychokinetic abilities. Lastly, you will be able to create and vanquish spiritual beings, just as she is allowed to do the same.

This is a gorgeous, mystical piece that will work well for someone who is ready to unite the power of forces with their kinetic eneriges and relinquish the strength of the Spider Woman ~