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Johnny Cash's Perfect Mate; The Woman in Black/F*

In Roanoke, Virginia in the early 1900's a woman in black started to appear from out of nowhere throughout the town. Those who encountered her said that she was stunning; one of the most beautiful women they had ever seen. The witnesses who came across her said that although she was beautiful they couldn't look her in the eyes for more then a split second because she sent horrid energy through them.

Whenever she would materialize, which was always out of the shadows, she would bring with her a feeling of terror; and when she spoke, icy needles of fear pierced the hearts of her listeners. One man who encountered her described her as tall and handsome, with "dancing eyes." Many other witnesses said that she was completely dressed in black and wore a headpiece that resembled a turban. She never caused anyone harm, just her presence inspired fear.

My neighbor woman growing up, Julia, was born in 1908 and had a lifetime of stories to share with me as I was a kid. I recalled a story she told me once about a woman that kept bringing fear into the town; she was only a girl and one day witnessed the creepy woman... being a child and interested in everything she went close to the woman; she was not scared. The woman in black gave her a ring as appreciation of trusting her. Julia showed her parents, but they didn't believe her story -- they thought that she stole the ring or found in somewhere, they wanted her to take it back where she got it!

Julia pretended to take it back, but secretly kept the ring in a lock box under her bed. I saw this ring when I was young when we were going through her jewelry, although at the time didn't know all the truths that I have discovered about spirits and paranormal activity. When I was out of town on my investigation last week I stopped at a rest stop in Roanoke and read an article about the 'woman in black'... I knew this was the woman Julia told me about.

Julia passed away in 2001, but I had contact information for her granddaughter, Barb. I called Barb and asked where exactly Julia was born? I realized that I didn't recall her place of birth. Anyway, Julia was born in Virginia; and Barb got all of Julia's jewelry willed to her when they settled her estate. I was telling Barb about the ring that Julia had got when she was young, Barb said she didn't recall the specific pieces because she never wears them... she told me to come over and maybe she would sell it to me.

I went to Barb's house last weekend and after going through the wooden box I found the piece and it is in great condition! I tried to explain my job and the paranormal to Barb, but she wasn't interested... she did sell me the ring though :-)

The ring is mysterious and alluring, just like the spirit of the woman. The staff worked with piece without me giving them any background on the piece and they all came back with similar findings. After bonding with the ring they were connected astrally to the woman. She is an entity that roamed the Earth to grant blessings to troubled humans. Her alluring eyes are what transmitted the powers and blessings. In the years of trying to connect with people only a handful were not afraid and allowed for a connection!

The ring is a portal that holds connection to the woman in black and will enable you entropy projection abilities. This power will allow you the ability to cause potential energy to become kinetic energy --- this will help you manifest the auras of those around you and help you gain mind control abilities. The woman in black holds her powers to assist the few bearers of the pieces that she handed out years ago. These are connective portals that bestow with them her blessings.

This is an extremely rare piece that was found by luck of an old memory ~

** I originally uploaded the wrong photo for this piece... so sorry if you looked at it before! It is correct now :-)