Witch of Ebenezer

Witch of Ebenezer

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Witch of Ebenezer<br /><br />


Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house.  I always knew that there was something about their house, but until recently, I could never distinguish what it was.  The house is the perfect setting for  paranormal energies, as it is located right across the street from a cemetery in a town the dates back to the 1800s and before.  <br /><br />


When I was younger strange things used to happen to me frequently.  Unaccounted for voices, shadows moving out of the corner of my eyes… I even got locked in the bathroom once by a door that didn’t even lock.  I’m fascinated by things that go bump in the night, however, so I never much minded.  I was more or less curious. <br /><br /> 


Let me explain.  The other night I went to visit my grandmother.  I decided that the crisp autumn air was perfect for a walk.  What better to serve as a back drop than the cemetery across from my grandparents’ house.  It goes on for acres and acres.  The sun was just about to go down, so I grabbed my cigarettes and began walking. <br /><br />


Walking is my serenity; it provides inner peace for me.  Sometimes I space out when I walk and this is what happened to me.  It comes as no surprise, but when I realized that I had zoned out it was already dark.  I realized that I had walked the entire length of the cemetery and I was in the furthest corner, about a mile from my grandparents’ house.  I figured it was time to hurry up and get back. <br /><br />


As I was walking along, I began to get the feeling like someone was watching me.  This is normally how my unexpected encounters with visitors from spiritual realms begin.  I didn’t see anything though so I kept on.  As I walked along the feeling got even stronger; it was so strong that I felt like I was going to explode.  I turned around to see if there was anything to be seen in the other direction.  <br /><br />


About fifteen yards from where I was standing there was a tombstone.  It was lit up with one of those solar lights.  The grave was aglow, radiating an ominous blue color.  The gravestone was old and I couldn’t quite make out what the inscriptions read.  There was no need. <br /><br />


As I stared at the gravestone, my visions began to get a little bit blurry.  Soon, I realized that it wasn’t my vision that was getting blurry.  It was that I was trying to look through the figure that was taking form right in front of me.  I was too busy trying to read the name on the gravestone to realize what was happening.  <br /><br />


When I got a chance for reality to catch up, I noticed the figure.  It had taken full form.  There in front of me, stood a woman who was clearly from the mid-1800s.  I could see her face plain as day.  She had jet black hair, very distinct features, and piercing green eyes.  She began to communicate with me, via telepathic vibes.  <br /><br />


Here, in front of me was the spirit that had haunted my childhood.  She is the one that made things go bump in the night.  She is the unexplained voices and the feelings of paranoia.  She is the shadowy figure that stood by my bedside.  As she stood there, though, I suddenly understood.  <br /><br />


As it turns out I am part of her direct bloodline; one of the only ones left that exhibit just as strong of an ability as she did.  She wasn’t haunting me all these years, simply trying to reach out to me so that way I could manifest the powers within.  That night she helped me realize the potential that I was holding within, which is the source of witch craft that has been instilled into my blood.  I have since manifested these powers and I am working with them.  <br /><br />


In the meantime, I have also made these pieces.  They hold the powers of the spiritual form that visited me that night in the cemetery.  I have named her the Witch of Ebenezer.  With these pieces, you gain an understanding of her ancient source of witch craft and how to use it.  You will be given the secrets to her bloodline and all the powers that go with it.   <br /><br />