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The Code of Michelangelo <br /><br />


If you’re not sick of hearing about Leonardo da Vinci by now, I don’t think you will ever be.  Personally, I don’t fall into the category that will ever be sick of hearing about anything a little bit out of the ordinary.  To tell you the truth, I actually enjoy the effort that has been put forth by scholars to try to crack the da Vinci code to find the Holy Grail.  With that being said I think that da Vinci needs to take the back burner for a while.  There are plenty of other clandestine messages being sent in other works of art that are being overshadowed because da Vinci’s popularity. <br /><br />


Dee Dee took it upon herself to do a little bit of researching and networking.  The result was that she came up with several pieces that will heighten the mind and help you to understand the secret messages portrayed in several different works of art.  Dee Dee compiled several pieces that will do this.  The first one has to do with the work of Michelangelo. <br /><br />


Michelangelo is one of the greatest artists of all times.  In fact, he is the most celebrated and best documented artist of the 16th Century.  He was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, poet, and engineer of the Italian Renaissance.  His most famous piece of work is arguably “The Last Judgment,” a picture that was painted on the roof of the Sistine Chapel.  Some of his other works include the Statue of David and being the architect of Saint Peter’s Basilica.  <br /><br />


It has long been known that Michelangelo has included secrets and esoteric truths into his works.  He was a Kabbalist, in a time that was predominantly  Christian-rule era.  He is famous for sending subliminal messages throughout his artwork that suggested that Judaism is a greater religion than Christianity.  It’s okay though, we’re not here to debate that. <br /><br />


Of late, it has become popular that Da Vinci might not be the only artist, however, to be sending more than subliminal messaging through his artwork.   Dee Dee has been in contact with some very high ranking people of a Kabbalah Brotherhood that exists over in Rome.  Their sole purpose has been to find the secret teachings of Michelangelo and disperse them to other Kabbalists such as themselves.  You haven’t heard of the group because it is highly clandestine.  <br /><br />


However, this is the group that has sent Dee Dee the piece that you will be receiving.  The group has been working with covert ancient manuscripts that were written to go along with the teachings of Michelangelo.  Basically, it is a book of proverbs that leads his fellow Kabbalists into divine light and esoteric truths and wisdom.  Using these teachings, the group has been able to manifest the secret powers that Michelangelo has stored and infused into his work, especially his work of art on the Sistine Chapel, which holds all of the wisdom and powers of God.  <br /><br />


With this piece you will be given an alternate spiritual reality, which you will be able to enter.  It is the annals of Michelangelo’s history and holds a reproduction of every one of the works he has ever accomplished.  You will be able to visit this realm to obtain the truths as set forward by secret code in Michelangelo’s works of art.  This will bring you great Kabbalistic powers  and truths.  It will bring you true knowledge and existence.  Everything else follows from there.    <br /><br />

There has been an update on this piece as we have had it for some time. We know that there is someone who looks at our items that this is meant for. This is a reincarnation of this time period. Also the codes are revealed to you and when that happens a new supernatural ability opens up to you that will be needed as the days on Earth progress.  <br /><br />

This ring is sterling silver and a code unto itself. You will never find another like it. Don't let the face scare you as soon someone will realize who this could be. When looking at the image you may hear voices in your head and that is okay.  This is a white light item but will also show you the darker side only so that you can understand past life and what is to come,how to avoid,etc.