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Hung Xiuqhan Powers<br /><br />


Let me being by saying, right off the bat, that the victors always write the history.  It has been proven time and time again.  It has not been proven any clearer than in the case of Hong Xiuquan.  Hong Xiuquan may have been a bit delusional at times, but he definitely always had a point.  He was sick and tired of the tyranny that was being dished out by the hand of the Imperial Army. <br /><br />


In 1850, he started a rebellion in the name of Christ.  He had once stated that Christ was his older brother, but when one person is so full of divine intervention, it is sometimes easily to be confused with all of the divine messages that are being sent to you at once.  Being that Hung Xiuquan wasn’t a Jew, one of the children of God, he was having a bit of a problem understanding the messages that God was trying to send to him.  I repeat… he was NOT the brother of Jesus Christ. <br /><br />


He was however, the commander of the Taiping Rebellion.  He commanded a legion of troops that was also filled with divine magic by the Holy Spirit.  He founded the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, and he built up and expanded quite the kingdom.  Unfortunately, he let his power get to his head, and his punishment was to ultimately be destroyed by the Chinese Imperial Army, ending his short reign. <br /><br />


With the help of the British and the French, the Chinese crushed Xiuqhan’s army.  That was the end of that.  However, evidence that Hung Xiuqhan isn’t as much of a flake as history has written exists.  I have an item that proves it.  It is one of the originals from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.   It invokes the spirits of a legion of angels. <br /><br />


This piece will allow you to invoke a legion of Heavenly warriors who will fight for you.  You will be able to release them upon any evil that may arise.  This power will give you the white light protection from God and will surround you with white light magic.  It will give you the power of divine interpretation and will make you a Godly visionary.   You will receive those messages from God that he deems are necessary for you to know; however, you may use this power to inquire spiritual knowledge from God at any time.  Perhaps, Hung shouldn’t have lost this piece in the first place, and he might have won the battle. <br /><br />


Either way, this piece is very powerful.  It will open the skies for you, where you will see your legion of angels, going before you, clearing the way for successful endeavors and wealth.  The angels are the original angels from the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom.  Use these angels correctly and you will prosper in spirituality and physicality.  Be negligent and you might end up like Hung Xiuqhan… powerless and pitiful.  With this piece, the choice is yours. <br /><br />


We are almost 100 percent sure that this is all sterling. It is very old so there is no mark,however I did test it and it came up sterling. To open the piece you unscrew it.