Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven
Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven
Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven
Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven
Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven

Conjuring St Raphael: A Match Made FOR Heaven

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Conjuring St Raphael:  A Match Made FOR Heaven

I'm sure you've heard the old adage, "it was a match made in Heaven."  Well, we decided to take this one step further and call this item, "A Match Made FOR Heaven."  We made this set with Raviniska while we were in New Orleans.  Raviniska isn't an angel, but she is a fully empowered white light being.  With that being said, she has the power and ability to summon any white light power, being, entity, or form.  It's like there is some sort of white light astrological pact, where as along as you are working together for the common good, white light shares a common network.  It's a white light alliance I guess.  It's kind of strange to understand... everything is intermingled. Anyway, using Raviniska extreme white light energy we able to open up a summoning circle and pull through a very powerful white light entity, Saint Raphael. 

Among other things, Saint Raphael is the Patron Saint of Lovers.  The Book of Tobit, in the Bible illustrates the miraculous love powers of St. Raphael the Archangel.  In the Book of Tobit, sends forth his son Tobias to a a foreign land to retrieve money from a family member.  Tobias actually ends up hiring a mortal who is the Archangel Raphael in human disguise as his guide in this foreign land.  Raphael, who is in charge of all Powers, or guardian angels, leads Tobias on a miraculous journey, during which he casts a demon from the woman Tobias is to marry, Sarah.  The demon was preventing true love from fomenting.  Once he was cast out, Tobias was allowed to tame Sarah's heart and the rest is a true love story greater that Dear John or the Notebook. 

We sat down with Raviniska, forming a summoning circle.  Through her enchanting voice, we were all able to leave the confines of our circle and allow our spirits to travel as one unit through the astral realms.  We ended up in a white light realm where we were able to summon the presence of St Raphael to ask him for a blessing to bestow upon the love pieces that we were making.  He appeared to us in full spirit form, in an aura of miraculous light that was brighter than the sun.  Even in our astral, spiritual form, he was all but impossible to look upon.  Calling upon his spirit was a somewhat easier task, as we had the union and energies of multiple souls.  We approached him, speaking to him through psychic means.  There was no need, he was already aware of our request. There was a noise that sounded like a clap of thunder.  An energy was emitted from St Raphael's staff and items that we asked for enchantment levitated in the air, glowing with a brightness that was as strong as the aura that surround St Raphael.  After this, there was a blinding flash and when we could all see again... well, the rest of us... Raviniska had no problems with this bright light-- it is the same energy she was born of... the angel was gone.

These two piece seeped a wealth of energy.  It was strong enough for all of us to feel it, regardless of the spiritual or psychic level.  After bring this piece home, we have been able to test this piece and determine exactly what powers were placed into these two pieces.  We were obviously hoping for a love piece, which is what the Archangel St. Raphael has given to us, so that was a win. It contains the highest form of pure love-- the love of the blood of Jesus.  Historically, there has been no other example of a love a great as the love that the Messiah, Jesus Christ, had for his Father's people.  He was whipped, beaten, ridiculed, spat on, and mocked in a public setting.  He was then forced to carry a large wood crucifix on his back up a hill to Golgotha.  Once here he was crowned and gouged with thorns on his head.  His crucifix was erected vertically, and he was nailed to it with metal spikes. He was left to hang in pain and agony until he eventually suffocated from the weight of gravity weighing down on Him.  He did all this in the name of love. 

These pieces have been anointed in the spiritual blood of Jesus Christ.  The anointment was provided to us via his messenger, St. Raphael.  The items are tokens of pure, unadulterated love.  The necklace in this pair is the heart of Jesus Christ.  When worn, Jesus' heart will synchronize with your own and your heart and His will beat in Unison.  The ring is for the man.  It is Jesus' Crown of Thorns that he wore on the day of His crucifixion, causing His blood to run down his face.  This ring will identify your pulse.  The powers of Jesus' pure love will be bled into your own bloodstream and allowed to flow through your veins.  The purpose of this piece is to develop a love connection between two people.  If there is already a love bond, this piece will solidify this bond.  The eventual outcome is that the two people wearing these items will develop a strong spiritual bond, where they will be able to exist as one spirit shard across two physical vessels.  It is the strongest love union is possibly attainable.  It will connect you and your partner at the soul, allowing you to share each others past lives, powers, energies, emotions, and knowledge.  It will allow you to experience the true meaning of Holy Matrimony and real power behind the expression, "two becoming one."  All this is possible via the blood of Jesus Christ and the true, unadulterated, passionate love he had for humankind. 

Additionally, this piece develops a third connection to Jesus Christ.  In life, it is important that Jesus Christ is the most venerated.  Without Jesus, there would be no love.  How is it possible to have a love that is as great as the original without the creator of love?  This piece will give you the veneration that is necessary to have a direct psychic connection to the mind of Jesus Christ.  Being that Jesus Christ is the Son and the incarnate form of God, you will essentially have a direct psychic connection God himself.  You will receive white light blessings and the ability to see through the eyes of Jesus to look down upon his creation and obtain all the powers and abilities that have been created using the white light powers of God-- which is basically everything. 

One more thing-- these pieces don't just work through mortality.  I know that a lot of people who have found their soul mate in this mortal life are worried about what will happen when the time comes to pass into the spiritual oblivion.  These pieces, when used in unison to develop a bond, will assure a spiritual bond that will carry over into Heaven.  This means you will be able to carry the bond over into Heaven and grow your love both spiritually and eternally.  Like I said, this is the ULTIMATE love piece!  So, you can see these will grow your love not just into a "Match made in Heaven," but rather a "Match made FOR Heaven!!