The Other Golems of Prague, Ring 3

The Other Golems of Prague, Ring 3

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The Other Golems of Prague

Judah Loew ben Bezalel was born in 1520.  He would die in 1609, nearly 90 years late, but not before leaving behind him a legacy that included religious and magical excellency.  He was the greatest Talmudic teacher and Jewish mystic of his time.  He one of the greatest of all times, leaving behind a trail of teaching and spiritual truths that re used to this very day in Kabbalist rituals and other magical practices.  In religious circles Rabbi Loew, whose last name means lion by the way, is known as Moreinu ha-Rav Loew, or simply the MoHaRaL.  His beloved acronym nick-name is translated as meaning, "Our Teacher, Rabbi Loew.  Till this day scholars and mystics still know him simply as MoHaRaL.

Rabbi Loew is recognized as being a very powerful man.  He was first the Rabbi of Mikulov in Moravia.  He would eventually become Rabbi of Prague, where most of his powers would come to fruition.  One of his most prized accomplishments is the creating the lifeform known as a Golem.  A Golem is an amorphous energetic form that is summoned using ancient magical rituals and Hebrew incantations.  The amorphous lifeform is them placed into a pre-shape physical vessel, thus becoming a newly created, anthropomorphic being.  These beings possess such attributes as super-human strength, knowledge, and a vast plexus of powers that were given to them while they were in their original form from the energetic realms before they were summoned to take up existence in their new "body."

During Rabbi Loew's tenure as the Rabbi in Prague, it came to pass that Jewish people were faced with harsh opposition, oppression, and anti-Semitic attack.  Rabbi Loew created his first Golem with clay from the Vltova Riverbanks.  The Golem was born to defend the Jews in Prague against a growing hostility toward Jews. The golem was so powerful and fearless in all cases that the Emporer eventually agreed to let up on the Jews.  Rabbi Loew then deactivated his Golem by erasing the word "emet" that had been previously been written on the Golem's forehead to mean truth or reality.  He changed the word to "met", meaning non-existent or dead.  He stored the Golem in the Attic Genizah in the Old New Synagogue in Prague.  It is one of the oldest in Europe.  He made sure assure the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolf II, that the "E" could be returned to the Golem's forehead at any time, meaning at his discretion the Golem could be brought back to life... so don't mess with the Jews.  Fortunately, the E never had to be returned to the Golem's head.

The only other occurrence with the Golem came during WWII, when a Nazi soldier visited the Genizah at the Old New Synagogue in Prague.  He attempted to stab the Golem, but instead turned to stone, himself, and died immediately.  Since then the attic has become closed to the general public with few exceptions.  The Golem was then moved and attempts to find him-- or other Golems-- have not been successful... until Haunted Curiosities became involved.

The most recent documented attempts to locate the Golem came in 1883 when the Old New Synagogue was renovated and then again when an investigative film crew visited the attic of the Old New Synagogue over one hundred years later in 1984.  Both attempts turned up empty-handed; however-- and this is a HUGE however-- Haunted Curiosities staff has been working fervently for the past several years to locate the original Golem ourselves.  During our discovery in Prague, we gained insight into why the chase for the Golem of Prague has been unsuccessful.  People have been looking in all the wrong places.

The Golem of Prague, isn't located in the attic of the Old New Synagogue at all. Rather, if you journey over to the Old Jewish Cemetery, adjacent to the synagogue you will discover the resting place of Rabbi Loew.  We believe that when you visit a place, whether for work or pleasure you should take in all the place has to offer.  Thus, we were perusing the cemetery at night.  The antiquity of graveyard is incredible.  Without divulging too much detail, it is in the cemetery where we found a hidden slate that gave specific instructions on the deactivating and storing of a Golem that is no longer needed.  The same slate contains an encrypted message that gives specific instructions on how to find the Golem of Prague.

As the instructions were followed, it was discovered that the Golem in not located in the Attic any longer-- not to state the obvious.  Rather, the investgation was introduced to a series of secret chambers that are kept behind the Ark of the Covenant in the altar of the Jewish Temple. It is a chamber that was secured by Nazi Alchemists, who wanted to keep the existence of the Golem a secret.  As the chamber was entered, it was discovered that the word "MET" had been written at the entrance in very large letters.  It was clear that whomever had secured the creature in his confines wanted to make sure it wasn't coming back to life any time soon.  During the investigation, the Golem of Prague was discovered.  He was a rustic looking creature-- truly like something you'd see out of movie.  An attempt to resurrect the Golem of Prague was successful, but his existence is strictly protected by the soul of Rabbi Loew.  However, Haunted Curiosities was steered in the direction of yet another quarters in which there were five separate Golem forms.  These Golems are free-form Golems.  They have been summoned and created, but serve no dedicated purpose.  We were allowed and have been able to gain full, unrestricted access to these Golems.  We have pulled them out of the clay forms that were holding them back in the Old New Synagogue.  We have extracted their amorphous forms and put them in these pieces.  We have five of them all together.

What you are receiving is the a free-from Golem in its amorphous form.  It has been attached to the pieces that we fused them into. These five pieces are shown in the listing.  The pieces are newer pieces, not from the 1500s but they are ones that hold the entities of Golems that are from the 1500s.  These Golems will be at your full service.  When you receive this piece, you will be given the spiritual enlightenment and conditioning that will develop a connection with your Golem.  This will allow you to program your Golem.  You can give it any powers that you want.  If you want wealth, you can make yours a wealth Golem.  If you want one that will allow you to know all Kabbalistic magic, then this is the power your Golem be infused with.  These items are better than a Djinn, because they are the actual manifestations of your own thoughts.  You fill your Golem with your own thought forms of the types of magic and powers you want it to possess.  There are no limits on the amount of power you can instill into your Golem.  It will do anything that you want it to do and can take any form that you choose.  Basically, this is your way to create a totally subservient entity that you can dictate powers to that hold the ancient Kabbalist code of magic, divination, alchemy, and powers.