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There's a crybaby bridge located outside of Reading, Pennsylvania that we of course were are closely located toand so couldn't ignore!

Spanning over the Tulpehocken Creek, it's said you can hear baby cries from the water below. What makes this one more unique is that it's a covered bridge~!

It is said that a young pregnant woman wanted to end her humiliation of being unmarried, pregnant and alone, and plummeted into the waters below. She wanted to end her life, but instead of an instant death she broke her leg and washed along the bank, she lived for 5 days, and in that time went into labor and gave birth. The baby was washed into the waters and the body was never found. Her body was discovered and thus is how the story emerged.

We indeed did encounter the screams while on the bridge and were fascinated by the thrill. I became very emotional and had to walk away, as I couldn't imagine what went through the young woman's head to want to commit suicide and kill her unborn child.

Channeling into her, Deedee was able to pull her forward and learned that she lost all her friends and the father of the baby denied it was his as the pregnancy got further along. She was 7.5 months pregnant when she plummeted. She cannot find her baby in the afterlife and we learned they are seperated in different realms --- the womans name was Robin and she begged us to help her baby so it would not cry. It took us 5 nights of discovery to impart clearance to this child that lost its life within hours of its death. It was a baby girl, and she is not in peace.

For assisting her baby into glory, Robin wanted to help others and forecast herself into the ring that Deedee was wearing. The center heart used to be just metal and after she imposed her spirit it began to glow!

This is an incredible piece of generative power and Robin is within to help people who wish they had a second chance at things in life! If you have made mistakes and done things your regret, now you can utilize Robins strength and empowerment to take control and make things right. You do not have to live with the eternal regrets and feel that your life was ruined by certain decisions... there is always time for forgiveness and second chances~!

Robin made the mistake of ending her and her daughters lives, and in death has found that she made bad decisions and wants to help others prevail through tough times and learn how to rationalize their pasts to impact their futures!

** Learn how to leave the past in the past and learn to grow from what occurred -- as everything truly does happen for a reason -- and Robin will radiate you with her presence to help you see that and to be the support you need to take the internal hurt and impale it out from your body!