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Just outside of York, PA is the small town of New Salem, Pennsylvania. Along the York County Rail Trail lies the oldest continuously running railroad tunnel in the world, the Howard Tunnel.

The Howard Tunnel, named for the young man whose idea it was to build the tunnel through a small mountain, was built during the years of 1836-1837 and opened up in 1838. The 370 foot tunnel expanded to two rail lines in the 1870's.

The tunnel has seen 3 Presidential Funeral Processions. Presidents Lincoln, Harding and McKinley's bodies all have passed through the tunnel.

It has been noted to have major paranormal activity and we learned that these Presidents went through the tunnel because they had hidden treasures within the facets of the tunnel itself. It was preserved during their terms to not be destroyed and only repaired as necessary-- and 3 years ago part of the tunnel started to fall in and during the repair a variety of treasures were recovered.

The Presidents had a secret pact with knowledge granted from one to another as they took their terms through a journal on how to place their items within and not disrupt the tunnel.

The reasoning behind this is still unknown, but we have received one of the imperial treasures ... this piece is believed to have belonged to McKinley and is filled with an innovation of power that awakens the third eye and will reveal to you the secrets that have been kept from you your entire life!

Many people have access to things through the third eye, but unless you were one of the rare humans born with your third eye fully open, you are kept in the dark about MANY things. You feel you are educated and know things and have good relationships, but with this piece you will be wrathed by the powers in the snakes to shed the skins of the past and fully enlighten your third eye and go back and understand ALL that has happened since birth that was blocked out from your brain due to your third eye being closed~!


~This is a phenomenally powerful piece that will truly change your opinion on many things and open you up to a whole new life!