Clearing You From Darkness

Clearing You From Darkness

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This service entails a full removal of negativity, darkness or evil that is literally sucked out of your entire existence on many levels.

This fully covers anything from bad luck, money problems, health issues, relationship turmoil, blockages of all types, personal setbacks, general negativity, malevolent spirits of all types, karmic debt, any type of negative, dark or evil metaphysical attack or curse and much more.

This is really the most advanced clearing you can ever get!

It is safe and effective as whatever form of negativity, darkness or evil is removed from you is gone for good. You may even start to notice positive changes hours after your service has been completed.

The positive benefits from having this service completed for you include increased good luck, improved sex life, weight loss, more financial opportunities, enhanced metaphysical abilities, countless spiritual benefits, being very open and receptive to blessings and miracles plus other positive experiences that seem to just trickle into every aspect of your life and more!

Everyone who purchases this service is granted a fast and effective recovery. Temporary side effects may result after completion of this service.

These reported side effects from previous customers include headaches, dizziness, mood swings, emotional sensitivity, sleepiness and grogginess. They vary from person to person depending upon the level of negativity, darkness or evil that is removed from you and how deeply embedded it is.

Please allow up to 2 weeks after having this service ignited, and receiving your piece, for all negative residue to fully disappear.

The following information is needed to complete the service:

1. The first and last name of the recipient.

2. The exact city where the recipient lives.

3. Details about any issues or problems that need to be addressed.

Upon completion, you will a token ackowledging the service and referencing the removal of the energies! When you check out any pay, place the above requested info. into the special instructions area